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Beat the Heat

10 grand would feel good in your hand

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ttention BC students! Want to win $10,000? Enter this contest! Beat the Heat is a contest challenging BC students to create a plan to optimize natural gas use for a greener BC.


What's this all about?

Beat the Heat is a contest searching for the next great green plan to help curb climate change.


Serving as a forward-thinking educational platform that provokes thought, discussion, engagement and action in post secondary and post graduate institutions, Beat the Heat seeks to advance energy efficiency and environmental conservation initiatives in BC.


To do this, Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society and FortisBC challenge BC students to come up with a plan to optimize natural gas use for a greener BC.


Natural gas plays an integral role in BC's energy mix. As our province continues to grow, so too does our demand for energy -- up to 45% over the next twenty years. Luckily, British Columbia is home to large number of natural gas reserves, which helps us cope with our increasing energy demands.


Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. This makes it better for the environment than imported electricity and other fossil fuels, but we want it to do even more. That's why we're asking students to share their ideas about how to best use natural gas for the preservation of BC's natural environment.


What's in it for students?

By entering a Submission, students earn the chance to win up to $10,000 for educational and/or career advancement expenses.


The two finalists chosen will present their Submissions in August to a panel of judges in front of an audience full of industry leaders. This means the prize is not only funding education and career advancement, but it's also connecting students with prospective employers to help them get a kick start to future career opportunities.


For more information about the contest and how to enter, check out the Contest Rules and Entry Guidelines at



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