Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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War Against Wi-Fi

Group calls for public debate with FortisBC over meters

Released by Jerry Flynn, CST Kelowna

retired Canadian military electronic warfare captain has challenged FortisBC to a debate over the utility’s unproven claims of smart meter safety, calling the rollout a “despicably-cruel, unprecedented, money-driven experiment.”


In his letter, sent May 30 to Fortis president and CEO John Walker, Kelowna resident and Fortis customer Jerry Flynn says he was alarmed to learn that FortisBC intends to remove perfectly safe, effective, reliable, robust, inexpensive analogue meters and replace them with a largely plastic, outrageously expensive, digital meters that contain two unauthorized, untested, unproven, fire-prone, pulsed microwave-spewing radio transmitters, receivers and antennae circuits.


“Given what I consider is the stealthy, artful, and disingenuous manner in which Fortis is attempting to mislead and deceive the general public into believing that wireless smart meters in meshed-grid networks are totally safe and pose no threat whatsoever to their health, general wellbeing, personal privacy, safety, and security, I am hereby challenging Fortis, here and now…either you, personally, or any of your senior executives or Dr. William Bailey of Exponent U.S. to debate with me—publicly, with the media in attendance,” Flynn said.


Flynn, who spent 26 years in the Canadian military in the fields of electronic warfare and signals intelligence, says a growing body of scientists is sounding the alarm on the biological effects of wireless technology; however, governments, influenced by Big Wireless, are ignoring the evidence.


The British Columbia Utilities Commission has yet to approve FortisBC’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project. Earlier this year, BCUC heard testimony from experts on both sides of the debate at hearings across the province.


For more information visit www.citizensforsafetechnology.org

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