Thursday, June 13, 2013

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Remembering Ryder

Whitlock looking for historical mementos  for public display

Submitted by Peter Whitlock, Ryder Lake Farmer's Institute


nother great Ryder Lake Ramble is behind us. My thanks to all the participants and volunteers who donated their time and efforts to make this a wonderful community event.


The final tally of net  funds raised for the Ryder Lake Hall will be known on Thursday but the gross receipts for the two days exceeded all expectations.  Many thanks.


Those who visited the Hall over the Weekend will have noticed that Bea Mazurenko has chosen to remove the historical display items that had been there for several years. It was a great collection of photos and artifacts and we have appreciated being able to show visitors the history of Ryder Lake.  Our thanks to WI President Nettie Boyd for putting together the current display on short notice.


The Women's and Farmers' Institutes would like to jointly launch a new display in the cabinets of the more recent history of Ryder Lake. We are looking for pictures, memorabilia, newspaper articles and items of interest to display at the Hall. We would like to include weddings, parties and other events of interest and recognize achievements of residents that have occurred in the Hall or in the Ryder Lake area. (We will not use or display pictures without the consent of the photographers and subjects.) 


If you have items you would like to contribute and share, please contact me or email scanned copies. Providing names, dates & places of events will make the photos more likely to be included.


The Hall is an important asset to the whole community, let's show it off and celebrate the lifestyle we enjoy in this beautiful place.


If you have something that might be of interest, contact Peter via e-mail here or visit the RFLI website Chat/questions:(Skype)whitlockfamilyassoc



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