Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crime News

Punchy on Patten

Suspect arrested after having a temper tantrum

Staff/Voice photos


This suspect was arrested Tuesday for causing a disturbance and damaging an apartment.


ounties arrested a 25-year-old man, after reports he was punching holes in a Patten Ave. apartment lobby and causing a disturbance around noon on Tuesday.


The young man apparently is a "client", that, according to locals who also tried to block The Voice from taking photos.


Police confirmed that charges were to be laid with whomever was responsible for the building.


The officer checked the suspect for weapons.


Apparently, this fellow was saying he will find our photographer as witnessed by the arresting officer.


If someone is committing crimes in the community, and we hear about it, we'll do everything we can to relate that to our readers. For those unsure of the way news works, people, and media, have every right to be on the street or in a public venue taking photos of whatever they want. We will withhold the suspect's name in some cases such as this one.



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