Thursday, June 27, 2013


The Broken Window Theory 

Cleaning up downtown begins with building owners

Phill Bruce, Chilliwack/Voice file photos


he broken window theory was popularized 35 years ago as way to look at cities holistically by taking care of the small things like cleaning up the litter, trash graffiti, broken windows etc.


This type of presentation entices crime, social problems and is unfriendly to education. If we donít take care of the small things, these issue manifest into bigger issues.

Itís good to hear the city is considering changing bylaws to clamp down on property investors who sit on a piece of property without cleaning these eye sores up.

Paramedic Phill Bruce (L) on the job in Chilliwack.


In the long run, this will help to minimize social, police, and ambulance issues in the downtown core of Chilliwack.


Phill Bruce is a local paramedic, and also works as Public Safety Advisory Committee member.



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