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Nix & Decroo Bozzini's double bill June 21 final show until fall

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usic today comes with countless genres and times them by thousands of sub categories for every genre, and we are left with a whole lot of categorizing. Knowing where to put an artist these days is like figuring out how to put a less than round peg into a round hole. What ever happened to just calling it music?


Is it roots? Is it country? Is it Canadiana? Or is it Alt roots, alt country or alt Canadiana? I've come to loose track of what peg goes into what holes these days.

In the case of Rodney Decroo I will just call him an alternative singer songwriter. This Vancouver musician comes from a bit of a checkered past, and it comes across through the few tunes I have heard of his, as his story telling seems to paint these real life events and stories into something vivid enough to visualiz
Originally from somewhere south of the border, spending a few years of his childhood in northern BC, returning later in life as a way to escape a direction that was less than favorable has left this artist has much to tell. In a way that reminds me much of Dylan and petty, with a modern twist.

Salmon Arm resident Herald Nix is another of these artists that shakes the boundaries of what genre and sub genre to be placed in. This morning I watched a video of this man where I couldn't decide if it were country, blues or classic rock... no matter which category it fit in someone would have tossed the word alternative in front of it. The music of his that I have listened to drew much of it's sounds from strong roots of musicians long past.


His website calls him Alt. Country, but, like I stated before you will find some strong influence from both Blues and Rock in both his guitar playing and vocals. It\'s been said that long before anyone ever tossed the word alternative in front of country Herald was playing just that, with his own unique blend, making him one of the most respected musicians in the underground music scene.

You will have to find out for yourself just what all of this rambling is about, and it's easy to do so as this pair are touring together and will be performing


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Rodney DeCroo
Alone with his guitar onstage Rodney DeCroo sings stark, lyrically haunting songs about hard living characters that national Canadian music magazine Exclaim called "Uneasy listening at it's best". The Vancouver Sun says that while his "powerful lyrics are both mesmerizing and wrenching, the songs are filled with a sense of defiant beauty."


Eden Munro at Edmonton's Vue Magazine wrote that DeCroo sings with an honesty that is admirable and terrifying, but the music lulls one into a sense of hope that is either real or false depending on how the lyrics are taken. And Mike Usinger music editor at Vancouver's Georgia Straight Magazine, writing about DeCroo's most recent album, reminds us that DeCroo is more than a song-writer, he's also a poet: Once you’ve heard the flat-out devastating Allegheny, it somehow seems wrong to label Rodney DeCroo as a songwriter.


For much of the past decade, the 45-year-old has been seen as exactly that, his raw, often breathtaking records falling under the mean-nothing umbrella of Americana. Raw, captivating, and essential, The Allegheny rebrands DeCroo as an artist determined to challenge himself and his fans. In doing so, he’s produced what will be remembered as one of the best, most unflinchingly honest records of the year.


If the singer, poet, or whatever you want to call him somehow isn’t on your radar yet, this is where you really need to ask yourself why.”



Herald Nix
"Among the musicians who play Vancouver, Nix has become a cause célèbre, the biggest undiscovered talent in their midst." claims The Globe & Mail.


The Georgia Straight adds "Nix is an even better proposition live, where his stone-faced stage presence and brooding gaze spice the songs with mystery and danger."


While the British press wonders just such a thing "If a live show matches the intensity and power of the performances on this collection of songs, it would be spectacularly good. He thumps out these country blues songs with such fearless zest and fire its like being transformed to another time and place."

What A World sounds like nothing else in the roots marketplace, a masterpiece in which style and substance create a luminous, resonant glow. It’s one of a kind, a work of sublime musical art." states the Toronto Star.


The UK press wonders “If a live show matches the intensity and power of the performances on this collection of songs, it would be spectacularly good. He thumps out these country blues songs with such fearless zest and fire its like being transformed to another time and place. This really is a terrific record.”


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