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Weighing In On Healthy Choices

Local writer shares weight loss anecdotes

Submitted by Megan MacDonald, Chwk


Local Chilliwack writer Megan MacDonald, who writes hockey news for The Pink Puck, joins The Voice for a series on weight loss.


n my time with the Pink Puck, Iíve written my fair share of hockey pieces, done a few interviews, and even created a DIY post, but never once have I dared to go near our health section. Until now.


Growing up, I was the ďbigĒ girl. Sure I was tall, but I was also chunky and at some point I just accepted that as my lot in life. Looking back at old photos Ė to ones even as recent as my Sweet Sixteen Ė Iíve realized I was never as fat as I made myself think.


As a result, I didnít care about what I ate or how much I exercised and I let myself reach 225 pounds in my senior year of high school.

It wasnít until recently I noticed I was starting to lose the weight, not that I was trying. I started walking to Starbucks to write everyday (3.3 KM each way with a 15-30 lbs purse, not including wandering around stores along the way) and drinking more water (4-8 cups a day).


Before I knew it, I dropped 13 lbs in three months, without dieting and with minimal exercise.

So, Iíve decided to chronicle my new found enthusiasm for getting healthy Ė mostly to force myself to not give up on it Ė right here on the Pink Puck. Today, I weight 212 lbs and my goal weight by the end of the off season is 180, which is about 6-7 lbs per month.


My goal is to weigh in with you once a month, every month from June until October like my own personal episode of the Biggest Loser (but sadly without the personal trainer).

Iím doing this in hopes that Iíll be able to inspire some of you who may not think you can do it. Itís not going to be easy, but itís going to be worth it and I hope you join me on this adventure.

My plan is to simply make smarter food choices Ė journaling to hold myself accountable Ė to drink more water, and to exercise in ways that Iíll enjoy so it doesnít feel like work Ė like heading to the pool, playing a little street hockey, or even walking that 3.3KM to Starbucks (Venti Cool Lime Refresher is only 80 calories!).

You donít need to start an extreme diet or commit to go to the gym everyday, but making small healthy changes is a great place to start.

You can follow me on Twitter @MeganMacDee, Iíd love to hear from you if youíre joining my little changes challenge!

About Megan
Her brother played, her daddy coached, and Megan simply fell in love. She takes a lot of heat for being a diehard Penguins and Oilers fan in a family of Flyers fanatics and Canucks loyal; and would never tell that she secretly loves it. She's been writing for The Pink Puck since May of 2012. Her other interests outside of hockey and writing include country tunes, good books, well worn boots, everything Autumn, and her morning cup(s) of coffee.



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