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FVRD faces adversity with Metro Vancouver

Released by Gillian Berger, FVRD/Voice photo


Zero Waste Committee Chair Malcolm Brodie speaks with FVRD directors Tuesday.


t the FVRD regular meeting Tuesday night an invited delegation of Metro Vancouver officials spoke on waste management issues but refused to discuss Metro’s plan for a garbage incinerator.

Metro CAO Carol Mason, Zero Waste Committee Chair Malcolm Brodie and Solid Waste Department Manager Paul Henderson appeared before the FVRD Board of Directors, though only Brodie and Henderson spoke.

They made a short presentation about waste flow control; Metro’s new plan to prohibit the shipment of any waste to facilities outside of the Metro area. Metro needs the waste to remain with their facilities so that they can receive the tipping fees, which in turn fund their recycling efforts, they claimed.

The presentation was followed by questions from the FVRD Board during which many Board members expressed skepticism about Metro’s reasoning for the proposed flow control regulation.


In spite of Chair Brodie’s repeated insistence that the issues are separate, FVRD Board members were clear that they see flow control as a necessary component in Metro’s plan for a garbage incinerator.

"You need that to fund and build the incinerator", stated FVRD Vice Chair Patricia Ross, before being interrupted by Brodie.

On several occasions FVRD Board members used the term "feed the beast" to describe the need for Metro to retain combustible waste in order to fuel their proposed incinerator.

FVRD Board members repeatedly attempted to engage the Metro delegation in a discussion on the merits of the proposed Metro garbage incinerator only to be rebuffed by Brodie, who replied "We are not here to talk about that".

Abbotsford Mayor Bruce Banman said, "Your actions, in my opinion, are outrageous with how you treat your neighbours."

FVRD Chair Sharon Gaetz pointed out that Metro would not engage in any "meaningful" dialogue over the garbage incinerator, citing Metro’s refusal to grant FVRD’s request to have a non-voting representative on the third-party panel overseeing their procurement process as well as Metro’s invoice for over $4000 in response to a recent FVRD request for information related to the process.

Both sides expressed a desire for better consultation on the Metro proposals.


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