Thursday, June 20, 2013


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Horses of Hope

Empowered by Horses looks for women volunteers for a variety of spots

Released by Carla Webb, Empowered by Horses


re you a woman over 25 years looking to improve the global environment for women? Are you dedicated to making the world a more peaceful, loving place? Do you love the outdoors, spending time in nature and working with horses?


Empowered By Horses is searching for a small herd of like hearted individuals to take our vision (see below) to the next level. 


If you are:

  • inspired by working in a herd environment

  • a visionary and leader

  • committed to giving back to the community

  • hardworking and dedicated to moving forward and having fun

This may be the opportunity for you.  


Empowered By Horses is specifically looking for herd members who have experience or expertise in the following:

  • website design 

  • videography and video editing

  • leadership skills and training

  • project design delivery

  • horse experience

The value to you....

  • an opportunity to celebrate your gifts and strengths while discovering new ones

  • a further developing of your skills and expertise 

  • a chance to take part in regular development days with the horses

  • Knowledge that you are making a massive difference to the lives of women of all ages.

 If this sounds like a fit to you and you are interested in joining our herd.  Please call Carla 604-809-3494 or email here.

Our Philosophy

Empowered by Horses believes that through kindness, compassion and empathy we can create a more peaceful and loving world. Our philosophy is founded on equine knowledge. Through observation and interaction, horses teach us reverence for all living beings, respect for the environment and the value of living in harmony. 


For more information and to learn about this summer's camps for girls, visit 



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