Monday, June 3, 2013

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Dairy farm Sustainability award finalists announced

Submitted by Shelley Crabtree, DFC


airy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is pleased to announce the finalists for the Dairy Farm Sustainability Award, which is sponsored by DeLaval Inc. - Canada.


“Our Award recognizes farms with innovative management practices that go beyond industry standards and meet several sustainability goals to improve the social, environmental and economic impact of dairy farming in Canada,” said Mr. Wally Smith, DFC President. “Canadian dairy farmers implement a number of sustainability measures on their farms and have been for decades. We are pleased to take the opportunity to recognize some of those farms that are among the best environmental stewards in our country.”


The three finalists selected for their commitment and innovation are:

Sylvain Laquerre, Noëlline Dusablon & Maxime Laquerre, Ferme Sylvain Laquerre Inc. (Saint-

Casimir, Quebec);

Marian and Jan Slomp, Rimrose Dairy Ltd. (Rimbey, Alberta);

George, Linda and Terry Heinzle, Terryland Farms Inc. (St-Eugène, Ontario). (photo)

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DFC is also pleased to welcome DeLaval Inc. - Canada as the new sponsor of the Award. Together, DFC and DeLaval Inc. - Canada will announce the Laureate on July 24, 2013 at DFC’s Annual General Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. The Laureate will receive a trophy and a $2,000 cash prize. The other two finalists will each receive a trophy and $1,000.


“Our role as a company is to team up with customers to support them with the technology and knowledge they need to improve productivity – to do more with less,” said Andrew Ritchie, Managing Director, DeLaval Inc. - LSO Canada. “The goal is to reduce environmental footprint, while improving food production, profitability and the well-being of the people and animals involved.”


DeLaval Inc. - Canada is an excellent partner in promoting ongoing progress in dairy farm sustainability and viability. DeLaval Inc. - Canada has over 125 years of innovation and experience in the dairy business, supporting dairy farmers in managing their farms their way. DeLaval Inc. - Canada’s Sustainable Dairy Farming initiative, which is based on balancing four pillars: Environment, Animal Welfare, Social Responsibility and Farm Profitability, compliments well this award.


DFC wishes to thank the selection committee, which includes sustainability experts from academia, government and other agricultural groups who reviewed the nominations and judged, from their diverse perspectives, the candidates’ environmental sustainability practices, their social contributions and care for their animals and the land.



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