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The Zen of Buying Local

Eco Market offers fresh food and fresh air

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Pleasant weather last Wednesday brought shoppers to the Eco Market.


tís Wednesday afternoon and a westering sun reaches low through the line of thick oak trees bordering Sardis Park, painting broad yellow stripes across the pitch to where the Eco Market is.


The open-air market, held Wednesdays at the park, definitely has a recreational feel to it. Music thumps out a beat for a Zumba class over next to the reflection pond, while buyers casually roam around stopping to browse and mingle with vendors.


In a single pass-through, shoppers discover dozens of items. Itís not necessary to break the bank to get out and enjoy the outdoor market vibe. Some people donít buy anything but are there for the community aspect of what this mid-week event brings.


Other folks are happy with some fruit, a loaf of fresh bread or a toothsome treat like a cinnamon roll to go with their java while waiting to meet up with a friend. Shoppers also benefit with lower prices when sellers have less overhead.


Aside from being a hub for local artists and business, the Eco Marketís primary focus is on offering green products or services. Vendors apply and are selected by a collective based on what they are trying to sell.


For example, they may want to sell locally produced food, home and lifestyle accessories, gardening supplies, handmade jewelry, ceramics or paintings. But whatever it is, it needs to conform with the marketís sustainability mantra.


There will be theme nights and live music throughout the summer. Moms can take a break and let the kids play while they shop. Now thatís a concept.


Consuelo Floystrop, organizer of the mid-week Eco Market at Sardis Park told The Voice last Wednesday it should be a good year for buyers and sellers.


"I really am looking forward to another season," she said. "It's great and itís going to be a lot of fun," she said.


Informational displays for non-profit groups are available free of charge. Contact Consuelo via e-mail here or connect on Facebook here.

The Wednesday market at Sardis Park is from 4pm to 8 pm May through October, and this year the Eco Market is also at Cultus Lake near the Main Beach parking lot from 5pm to 9pm throughout July & August.


Sardis Park is located on the south side of Chilliwack off Manuel Rd. For more information about this park, or any other local park, visit the City of Chilliwack's website here.




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