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Don't Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

Local business almost taken for thousands of dollars in online Yellow Page listing scam

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A local business owner shows a scam letter circulating in Chilliwack.


local business owner is sounding the alarm after almost falling prey to a faxed solicitation Yellow Page scam making the rounds in Chilliwack.


The scheme begins when a company, who already has a Yellow Pages Group listing, receives a notice in the mail with what looks like a bona fide logo containing their business information and indicating they need to fill-in the form, sign it, then fax it back to the number provided.


By signing the document from the company calling itself Online Yellow Page Directory out of Innisfil Ontario, the hapless business person then sets themselves up for thousands of dollars in fraudulent billing for services like an online listing that they don't receive or even ask for to begin with.


According to the store owner, who wants to remain anonymous, they contacted the real Yellow Pages and were told it's a well-known scam.


The owner is worried about how the fraudulent company acquired their business information.


"It has all my information on there and its like I'm renewing an online directory, but that's not the case because I never had an online directory listing and I don't have a Yellow Pages Online account."


When trying to report it, they became frustrated due to having to navigate through several phone numbers and complicated websites with various agencies, which is something they don't have time for.


In 2012, a similar scheme surfaced involving a pair of Saskatchewan businesses.


The Voice called the number listed on the form and was referred to a multiple choice automated answering system.


If you get one of these, contact the Yellow Pages Group at www.ypg.com



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