Monday, June 11, 2012


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Paramount Plan Milestone

Day 81, deadline June 20 for proposal submission

Submitted by Friends of the Paramount/Voice file photo


fter several weeks of hard work, strategic planning, and fundraising, the deadline to submit our plan to revitalize the Paramount is quickly approaching.


However, we have recently been informed by the City that the submission process is very different than what we had expected.


After Council granted our group 90 days to submit an application, the initial Request For Proposals (RFP) process was reinstated to any interested organization.


To avoid bias or an unfair advantage, we are no longer allowed to present our application to Council. Instead we must submit our application as a document by June 20th, 2012.


City staff will then review all of the proposals received and then make a recommendation to the Downtown Implementation Committee. If they agree with our belief that the proposal has merit, the Committee may then make a recommendation to Council.

This is a pivotal period for the revitalization of Chilliwack. We only have 15 days left, and need your support more than ever.



If you were thinking of submitting a Save-A-Seat pledge, please do so now! Together, we have demonstrated that there is a will in our community to restore this historic building, and see it thrive once more as a cultural hub in the center of our downtown.*

Forms can be dropped off at Cornerstone Framing 46085 First Ave V2P 1W2 or scan and send by e-mail here or faxed to 1-877-373-0635.

In the final 12 days, our group will be raising awareness at various locations in the community. If you can help at an outreach event, please e-mail for information. We need your help!

Upcoming Meetings
Monday, June 11 at 7pm in the Chilliwack Library
We will present our Powerpoint slideshow for anybody who missed our last town hall meeting and be there to answer any questions. Pledge forms and our seating chart will be available to make a Save-A-Seat pledge.

Wednesday, June 13th and 20th from 4-8pm, at the Sardis Park Eco-Market
Volunteers will be on hand to answer questions about our proposal. Pledge forms and our seating chart will be available to make a Save-A-Seat pledge.

Finally, thank you all for contributing to the cause. Thank you for sharing your stories, ideas and skills. Thank you for connecting through Facebook, Twitter, and our website. Thank you for contributing to our plan, writing to Mayor and Council, displaying our posters, signing our petition, and attending Council meetings. Finally, thank you for pledging your financial
support through the Save-A-Seat campaign.



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