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Spontaneous Acts of Human Kindness

Love will be in the air all over Chilliwack June 23     

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Vineyard Church member Wanda Evans brightened people's Saturday with a flower give-away

 at Salish Park two years ago.


unday is one of the nicest days of the year in Chilliwack. Why? Because many churches in town participate in what's called Love Chilliwack. And that's when Chilliwack really shines.


This year, there's a huge list of places where church volunteers will be out doing good deeds for absolute strangers. It's good for the community to get out there and socialize, make some new friends and be a part of something special put on by groups of wonderful people.


All events occur on Saturday June 23, 2012


Party At The Park (BBQ, carnival games, face painting)

Time: 10am 2pm

Location: Central Park (Downtown)

Churches: Vineyard / Keystone / Victory Church / Mountain View Church / Evangelical Missionary Free

Contact: Glenn / 604.997.0257 / glenn.driedger@telus.net


Water Giveaway

Time: 10am 12pm

Location: IGA Corner of Yale & Menzies

Church: Cornerstone CRC

Contact: Ben / 604.792.2517 / 212ministries@cornerstonecrc.ca


Car Wash & BBQ

Time: 11am 1pm

Location: Canadian Tire

Church: City Life Church

Contact: Todd / 604.792.0694 / todd@citylifechurch.ca


Party at the Waterpark (BBQ, carnival, games, facepainting, balloons)

Time: 11am 1pm

Location: Chilliwack Landing Leisure Center

Church: City Life Church

Contact: Todd / 604.792.0694 / todd@citylifechurch.ca


Pancake Breakfast

Time: 9am 12pm

Location: Promontory Elementary (Field)

Church: Promontory Church

Contact: Eryn / 604.991.9013 / eryn@mypcc.com


BBQ & Bouncy Castle

Time: 11am 1pm

Location: Cooper Foods

Church: Crossroads

Contact: Rob / 604.824.1267 / rob@crossroadscommunity.ca


TBA (We like surprises, no?)

Time: TBA

Location: PriceSmart (Downtown)

Church: Vineyard

Contact: Vern / 604.793.1925 / vtompke@shaw.ca


Party at the Park (Games, Popcorn, IceCream, Bouncy Castle)

Time: 1pm-3pm

Location: Yarrow Central Park

Church: Yarrow United Mennonite

Contact: Barry / 604.823.4451 / yumchurch@shawbiz.ca


TBA (Another Surprise! Woot!)

Time: TBA

Location: Rotary Trail (Vedder Rd, Peach Rd, Lickman Rd)

Church: Sardis Community Church

Contact: Hugo / 604.858.7191 / hugo.scc@shawcable.com


Water Giveaway

Time: 11am 1pm

Location: Broadyway & First

Church: First Avenue Christian Assembly

Contact: Sheila / 604.792.0794 / info@firstave.org


BBQ, Car Wash & Water Bottle give away

Time: 11am 1pm

Location: First Ave Christian Assembly Parking Lot

Church: First Avenue Christian Assembly

Contact: Sheila / 604.792.0794 / info@firstave.org


Spring Clean-Up

Time: 9am 12pm

Location: Society for Community Living

Church: Sardis Fellowship Baptist Church

Contact: Rod / 604.858.8433 / rod@sardisfellowship.com


Prospera/Townsend Park Area

Time: 9am 12pm

Location: Prospera/Townsend Park Area

Church: Chilliwack Canadian Reformed Church

Contact: Ryan / rytersmith@shaw.ca


Family Carnival

Time: 11am 1pm

Location: Cottonwood Mall

Church: Heartland Fellowship

Contact: Betty / hansma@telus.net



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