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Chilliwack green thumbs pick up deals at Gwynne Vaughan Park garden sale

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A garden lover checks over some of the hundreds of plant species available at the annual plant sale.

he annual Gwynne Vaughan Park plant sale took place last Saturday with thousands of deals to hundreds of shoppers.


The society, which runs the sale, operates without any sponsors, relying on the interest and generosity of local gardeners.


It wasn't all about plants and flowers. There were lots of activities for the kids, entertainment and food.


Sale coordinator Anne Mcintyre, told the Voice in an e-mail that the event went off without a hitch and they are still adding up sales receipts. The final tally of money raised will be available at a later date.  In 2010, the sale generated over $10,000.


According to Mcintyre, there were over 25 nurseries, crafts people and community booths set up throughout the park.


"Music was provided throughout the day by the GW Graham Jazz Band, Sweetwater, Taosei, and Otto Bjornson," she said. "There was a variety of food available, including wraps, hot dogs, sandwiches, muffins and fresh homemade cookies"


Mcintyre said the Strawberry Tea proved once again to be very popular and that one of the day's highlights were the thousands of flowers that Quik Pik provided for posy-making.


Rotary Train was running on schedule and busy taking kids and parents on tours of the area.


The 7-acre City-owned park with a heritage home surrounded by perennials was willed to Chilliwack in 1991 and is administered by a board of directors.


Last year an arbor-style gateway was added to the Hope River Rd. side of the park. A beautiful pavilion is located within the park and is available to book for weddings or picnics. For more information, visit:


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