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Everything Cultus makes planning holidays a snap  

Released by Vanessa Oddy, Tourism Chilliwack


ourism Chilliwack is pleased to announce the launch of a co-operative marketing campaign for Cultus Lake, BC that is developed around a new visitor web site, The visitors of today and tomorrow are increasingly looking online to plan vacations, and provides a wide range of visitor information about Cultus Lake.

A social media component has been built into the website, allowing users to follow the status of campground vacancies, weather, local events, fire ban updates and more through Twitter and Facebook. The Cultus Lake “Twisitor’s” Centre has also been established, allowing for an efficient communication channel between Tourism Chilliwack, Cultus Lake businesses, visitors, and local residents. To access Cultus Lake social media updates “Follow” @cultuslake on Twitter or “Like” CultusLakeBC on Facebook,

Designed to be a ‘one stop’ source of visitor information for everything Cultus Lake, and a new Cultus Lake destination logo have been developed by Tourism Chilliwack, with support from the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Innovation, Vancouver Coast & Mountains Tourism Region and the Cultus Lake Park Board.  The new Cultus Lake logo and design elements will be used to promote the destination through a variety of avenues such as; printed media, outdoor signage, online marketing, social media, and other creative marketing channels. 

“The development of a separate visitor focused website for Cultus Lake will help us to effectively connect with leisure travellers in the target markets that make sense for the Cultus Lake destination,” said Brian Coombes, Tourism Chilliwack Executive Director. “Additionally this program has helped bring key private and public sector partners together with a common goal of developing the tourism industry for Cultus Lake and the City of Chilliwack.” 

In partnering with Tourism Chilliwack on this new initiative, Jeff Bahnman, Owner of Cultus Lake Golf Club says, “I am excited to work together with other tourism businesses and organizations to collectively promote Cultus Lake, as I believe together more can be accomplished, and this wonderful destination will experience even greater economic growth.”

Tourism Chilliwack is offering Cultus Lake businesses a wide range of opportunities to participate in to ensure visitors can access the most comprehensive and inclusive information available online for Cultus Lake, BC. 

For more information contact Tourism Chilliwack at (604) 858-8121.


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