Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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Coyote Ugly

A reminder to keep your small pets indoors at night     

Sourced by staff/Submitted photo


t's not uncommon to see coyotes prowling at night in parts of Vancouver and Burnaby. Because of Chilliwack's close proximity to nature, urban coyotes are even more prevalent here.

Urban coyotes are born survivalists. Generations of them live amongst us in parks and along rivers, and have well-beaten paths around town. At night, they're mere shadows, stealthily working their way through backyards, sniffing out dog dishes and looking for garbage left out. But mainly, they're after cats, small dogs and other bite-sized morsels.

They usually hunt in pairs, systematically moving through neighbourhoods block by block. One stands salivating on the road, while the other prowls a yard until it flushes out a cat, which more often than not, runs straight into the lingering jaws of the one in the street.

Late last week, a resident spotted one trotting triumphantly down Coote Street at 5 A.M. with a small cat dangling from it's mouth.

"We couldn't get a good look at the cat in its mouth, but we could see its hind legs, and it had black feet and calico body," said an anonymous writer.

"The pic is what we think the cat could look like and we send our condolences out to the family who lost their cat."


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