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Awakenings: An Original One Act Play

Locally grown theatre takes you to the edge

Released by Emily Hamel/Voice photo


Katrina Coleman (L) as Daisy and Robin Bryson as Ainslin rehearse at the Guild Hall on Monday for Awakenings at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre July 11-15.


ootstrap Theatre (an offshoot of the Chilliwack Players Guild) is proud to present Awakenings: An Original One Act Play running July 11 to 15 at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre in the Rotary Hall.


The storyline follows Ainslin, an environmental lawyer who has let her work overshadow her personal life. She slips into a dream that she cannot wake up from, and must confront some personal demons in order to wake up.

Seven local writers have been working on Awakenings since January of this year, meeting weekly to workshop and bounce ideas off one another. "It was a really interesting experience to see the story develop this way," says editor and director Emily Hamel, "each writer initially took on a character and wrote a monologue.


We then wrote small scenes to weave those stories together." Players Guild members got in on the creative spirit as well. "We had two read-throughs of the script open to Players Guild Members. It was great to get their feedback after each read-through.

Once the show was cast and in rehearsals, the collaboration with Guild Members continued. Local photographer and videographer Sarah Sovereign and Matthew Hawkins were invited to work with the cast to create poster images and a video promo for the show.


"The play is really quirky," says Hamel, "Ainslin is stuck in a dream, and things get a little weird. I wanted the promotions to reflect the unique mood of the show, and I think the promos have really captured that mood." Matthew Hawkin's promo can be seen on the Players Guild website, alongside Sarah Sovereign's photographs.

While in her dream, Ainslin encounters a few faces from her real life, including her estranged sister, a nosy neighbor, her ex-husband, and a zany psychiatrist. Each person she meets brings her closer to realizing the things she's there to learn. To find out what that is, you'll just have to come see the show!

Tickets for Awakenings are $15 each, and can be bought by calling 604.391.SHOW, or by visiting the Chilliwack Cultural Centre's website. Show times are 7.30pm on the 11th-14th, and 2.00pm on the 14th & 15th. Parents are advised that there is some language and mature content in the show, audience age is suggested at 16 years and older.

So support locally "grown" theatre that will take you to the edge, come and see Awakenings: An Original One Act Play! For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact Emily Hamel at 604-791-7703 or email here.

Awakenings is written by; Dudley Cox, Ross Biondolillo, Nancy Guitar, Richard Ogilvie, Haley Smith, Ralph Jones, and Emily Hamel.

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