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Green's want accountability around elections

Released by the Green Party of BC

C Greens believe that political parties and MLAs are not held accountable to voters. As well, the big-money donors of political parties inevitably influence government policies whether it be corporate or union donors.


At its AGM, the Green Party of BC passed a Voters' Rights resolution. BC Greens want legislation that promotes greater honesty and fairness in politics by emphasizing the voter.


The legislation would provide for:

  • Publication of political parties' platforms by Elections BC on-line and in hard copy at public libraries and Service BC locations in sufficient time for voters to scrutinize the promises before Election Day

  • An auditing process by an independent commissioner to determine if each party has adhered to their platform promises between elections

  • Campaign finance reform to limit donations to $2,000 per political party per year

  • An annual subsidy of $2 per vote until the next election for any party receiving 10% of the vote

  • An Independent Debates Commission to ensure fair rules for the televised leaders debates

"We believe that voters have a right to expect that candidates and parties are honest when they present themselves for election," said Jane Sterk, leader of the Green Party. "These provisions would go a long way to countering the distrust people feel toward politicians.

"BC Greens believe parties need to be held accountable as do the individuals who get elected. That doesn't stop on Election Day. The real test is what the government and opposition do and say after the fact. There should be consequences for misleading the public.

"The Recall and Initiative Act has provided some recourse but it is an imperfect and inadequate mechanism of accountability. BC Greens believe an independent audit between elections would hold parties accountable. With this legislation in place, the BC Liberals might have thought twice about selling BC Rail and bringing in the HST like they did.

"The resolution proposes campaign finance reform which BC Greens have long supported. But we have seen at the federal level that reducing the donation levels alone is not sufficient to stopping the leverage of special interests in influencing public policy decisions. That's why we think finance reform must be just one of a number of reforms.

"BC Greens are also proposing taking the Leaders Debate out of the back-room where media executives and the ruling an opposition parties decide what is to their advantage. The Leaders Debate should be in the public interest, not an opportunity for political games," said Sterk in a release Tuesday. "It might take a couple of election cycles for parties and candidates
to learn that there are consequences for misrepresenting their intent to the people. But, eventually, they would have to respond positively to public pressure for honesty," concluded Sterk.


The Green Party still has no provincial or federal candidates for the Chilliwack riding. If you think you're interested in running in the May 2013 provincial election, connect with the Green Party of BC at



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