Friday, June 22, 2012


BC Politics

Lights Out For Good

Liberals shocked at NDP plans for electrical generation

Released by BC Gov't Caucus


he NDP have a lot to say, but when asked how they would supply the electricity to power B.C.'s clean natural gas future, the silence is deafening.


Recently, BC NDP Energy Critic John Horgan confirmed suspicions his party would delay electrical generating projects such as Site C, and possibly cancel green energy contracts with independent power producers required to power British Columbia's natural gas future.

Liquid natural gas facilities require significant amounts of electricity, yet while discussing BC Hydro's plans to expand generating and transmission facilities, Horgan said "some of these projects are going to have to be delayed." (Voice of BC, Shaw Television, June 9)

Instead of supporting Site C, Horgan said the NDP would delay the clean, renewable electricity it would produce.

"Our government believes liquid natural gas has the potential to create thousands of jobs around the province, and provide revenue to fund health care, education and services for the most vulnerable," said Chilliwack MLA John Les. "By delaying power projects, Adrian Dix and the NDP have made it clear they have no plan to meet the future power demands required to capitalize on this opportunity of a lifetime."

Additionally, Horgan said the BC NDP might not honour green energy contracts with independent power producers. "We're going to look at each and every one them - no question."

"There's a clear contrast in philosophies here. Our government is looking forward, with a long-term strategy to deliver jobs and growth to B.C. But the NDP want to go backwards," said Les. "The NDP's focus on ripping up green energy contracts with independent power producers will make powering liquid natural gas facilities not only more difficult, but harder on the environment."


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