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Bully Proof your daughter free teleseminar June 14

Released by Carla Webb, Empowered By Horses, Abbotsford


t feels like life can be so filled up with things like working, chores, and driving... and it's easy to forget what it might have been like when we were our daughters age.


Times have definitely changed since then... but the reality is that girls are still
getting bullied. This abuse can show up in a few really key ways that might surprise you. You may not even have any idea that this is happening to your daughter!

There's something you can do though. You can invest one hour of your time with me, from the comfort of your own living room. I'm hosting a free teleclass in just a few short weeks called 'Bully Proof Your Daughter'. I'll be going over some really important
things to notice about your daughters behavior, and some important actions you can take right now to help empower her.

I know you're busy, because I am too. Sometimes life can get in the way of what's really important. So do whatever you can to be on this call. Click the link below to register.

By the end of our time, you'll know:

  • The Double B word that will allow your daughter to nonviolently challenge any bully any time.

  • Right and wrong communication methods - and one huge pointer that will have your daughter knowing what to say, and how to say it.

  • The only sure-fire way for your daughter to learn how to fend off bullies - AND to actually be able to do it in real time and real life.

You will walk away with loads of valuable information that will help you keep your daughter safe from bullies! By the way, there's no financial investment required to join this call... just click, sign-up and you're in :)

Watch a short clip from Carla talking about the teleseminar here. Register for the free teleseminar at

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