Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Resident Witch

The Sun Also Rises

Litha blessings for a gorgeous summer ahead

Submitted by Sorcha Kincaid, Wicca High Priestess


oday is the Summer Solstice, the longest day and shortest night of the year. The Sun is at it's peak of power and it's life giving heat and light influences us more than we know.


For those in Southwestern BC that may be hard to feel. With the threat of flood looming and the days of cloud and rain/mist seeming endless, it can be hard for us to feel close to the Sun and it's energy.


The important thing to keep in mind is that up above those clouds is an incredible ball of energy. With the help of the Sun we are able to do everything, there is no limit to it's influence in our past and looking towards our future as well. We plant and harvest by the seasons, use it's energy with solar panels, and exist as a species because of it's light, heat, and gravity.

In paganism, we associate the energy of the Sun with the Masculine side of Deity or the Lord. The Wheel of the Year is his progression through the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. During Litha, he has reached his prime and is the consort of the Lady. Rituals of thanksgiving, handfasting, and empowerment are common at this time.


Altars can be adorned with the beauty that surrounds us all through the natural world. Flowers are in bloom, the geese are molting, pinecones are dropping. Just be sure to leave an offering if you remove something from the natural world.

It's no small coincidence that today, after days of cloud and dreariness the Sun rose beautifully over the mountains. If at no other time, take a minute today to stand with bare feet on the grass and feel the glory of the Sun touch your face.

There are ways to connect to the Suns energies in a spiritual way to rejuvenate your mind and soul. These are as important as helping your physical body with a vitamin deficiency.


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