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Stronger Voice Needed Before MPs Vote On Contentious Bill C-38 Thursday 

Chilliwack protest planned June 13 at Strahl's office

Submitted by Gary Haggquist, Hope BC/Voice file photo


Wendy Major (blue sign) and Stó:lō elder Eddie Gardiner at the rally outside MP Mark Strahl's office last Saturday.


am not part of any official group, we're just a bunch of concerned citizens – average Canadians – who signed petition against bill C-38. The four of us were informed by Leadnow about the June 2nd event and we got together of our own volition to stand against our government.


We can no longer sit idly by and watch the Harper Conservatives dismantle many of things we hold dear about this great country. Personally, I have never been politically active. This is the first time in my 53 years that I have felt the need to stand up and challenge the actions of my government.

The omnibus bill C-38 is clearly an attempt by this government to sneak fundamental changes to our society past the Canadian people - without proper debate. By bundling all these changes in one "budget bill", which is a vote of confidence in the government, it forces the Conservative MP's to either support the bill or vote for the government to fall.


We are among the majority of Canadians who want to see this bill broken up so that separate and meaningful debate can take place on some of its more controversial and alarming aspects - the gutting of environmental and fisheries laws, the speeding up of the environmental review process, the consolidation of decision making within cabinet and with the Prime Minister, as well as changes in rules of eligibility for employment insurance and old age security - just to name a few - it is an over 400 page document.

When Stephen Harper was in opposition he was an outspoken critic of omnibus bills. Now in power, he has employed the very same tactic that he once decried as undemocratic. This is yet another example of the deceptive and deceitful practices of this government. Canadians have been played for fools too many times by this government - we're not going to take it any

A decisive vote on the Federal Budget Bill could come as soon as next Thursday, June 14. We’re planning a second national day of action, for next Tuesday evening June 13th at 5:30PM outside of Conservative MP Mark Strahl's office – while MP's are in Ottawa trying to ram the bill through the opposition’s roadblocks.


Protestors meet at Conservative MP Mark Strahl's office at 7388 Vedder Road, Suite 102, Chilliwack on Wednesday June 13, 2012 at 5:30 pm.


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