Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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Accident Seen

Vehicle flips, driver suffers minor injuries Wednesday

Staff/Voice photos


Fire fighters had to rescue the driver of a van who was trapped inside his overturned vehicle on

Corbould St. at Lewis Ave.


man was lucky to have escaped with only minor injuries after a pickup truck t-boned the van he was driving at the corner of Lewis and Corbould. The impact sent the van onto it's side, trapping the male inside.


Fire and ambulance crews were on-scene within minutes and freed the driver. The van's airbags deployed and luckily, the driver had escaped with only minor injuries. He was later taken to Chilliwack General Hospital.


A tow truck was on scene and working to clear the intersection by 7:30 A.M. and BC Hydro was notified to check the pole after it took a hit.


A witness who lives nearby told the Voice that the driver was standing on his own after emerging from the vehicle.


According to the ICBC Crash Map, that particular corner has seen it's share of problems, with 11 crashes logged since 2007.



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