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Fighting the Good Fight  

Father of eight desperate for witnesses after being injured on the job and fired

Submitted by Steve Heintz, Chilliwack/Web image


n early April 2011 my family was doing as well as a family could do , That is with a family as large as ours with 5 boys and 1 girl, plus myself and Val . Six of our 8 children were still at home, Dustin, Jessica, Dalton, Melissa, Damian, Dylan, Darrian, and our baby of our family Ivan.


They never had everything , but they all were spoiled beyond anything myself and Val ever had as a children. A TV in every bedroom ,new beds, TV games ,nice cloths, plenty of footwear, and so many toys that I can still feel them under my feet. Me and Val had new 2008 Montana, 1981 GMC crew cab, 2000 Caravan, 1953 GMC pick up, and a 1998 GMC crew cab for are means of transportation, Then our antique collection was large enough to open a store, and we had just been preapproved for a mortgage. Our credit score was 650, and In our eyes we had it all, I worked for Martenís Asphalt , and this to me was the company I expected to retire with .


Then it happened, and it was very unexpected. My entire families lives were about to change in the worst way imaginable on May 20 2011 at around 9:25am while at work ,and well I doing my job, I was struck from behind, it felt as though a huge electrical shock had just gone though my entire body.


I thought at first a rookie had grazed me with the bobcat bucket , then as i attempted to turn around i was struck in the chest, by a fellow employee who continued to hit me with the blade end of his Spade Shovel . I was struck at least five more times , then he held each end of the handle he began to slam it into my chest similar to a hockey players style , and he struck me in this manor five to six more times.


Then he held it like a spear and began to spear it into my stomach area. This is when I had to force myself to move my arms in order to try and stop some of the spearing s to my body , and I had very little success as I found it near impossible to make my arms function, and this is as well when I realized all I could do in my defence was to try and yell back at Tyler.


In my entire life when anyone ever tried to hurt me I naturally went into a defence mode and took whatever steps necessary to protect myself , This time no matter how hard I tried to defend myself , I could not get my body to respond .All I could do was to yell as loud as I could, and I do believe that my yelling did slow him down as he wanted to argue , and when he did argue he would stop his hitting me.


It was not until at least the fifth spearing , well this is when Mike Grey the foreman finally decided to intervene as he ran over pushing Tyler away from me , and keeping Tyler separated from me. I immediately called Rob Telfer the head supervisor for Martenís Asphalt and I told him what had just happened. Rob replied by saying , go sit in your van, and I will be there shortly . So this is just what I did. I went and sat in my vehicle. Mike Grey proceeded to lecture me as he felt I had intentionally gone over his head of authority to discredit him. This by no means was not intended to discredit Mike, as I feel Mike is the finest foreman a company could ever have , and I always felt Mike was more meant to be a Supervisor.


I always had a great deal of respect for him , I just felt that enough was enough as I personally felt that a couple employees have been taking advantage of the company and I always thought of the company and employees were my second family . These two guys that caused a lot of trouble known as stirring the pot , would always boost about how they never needed the job with Martens Asphalt , are any job for that matter , and that they just needed to show some kind of a income. Well I felt it was time that my attacker Tyler Grant and his friend Dustin Niemi, and their unlawful ways should be told to a higher power, and allow a supervisor to do the what ever he felt was right.


For a example there was the time Dustin and Tyler were told at the end of a day to go and unload the company truck into one of the bins. One of the construction steel bins was used by Martens Asphalt, and one was for office equipment , and another was used by B.A. Blacktop. Well the one bin used for the storage of office equipment also had the 200 foot harnessed industrial wire in it from the Evans road job. Well the two of them had about a 5 Ė 10 minute head start ahead of me. I thought that since I was going past the company yard that I would give them a hand, but as I pulled in the yard I saw Tyler and Dustin in the back of Tylerís truck. They were lowering down the hug roll of electrical wire. Then they noticed me , Tyler promptly jumped out of the back and climbed in his truck, Dustin jumped out and started to walk towards me.


Then Tyler took off pretty fast , and Dustin started to play dumb. I was at a loss for words , really what do you say about a situation were you catch a guy stealing from the hand that feeds them. Then Dustin said, You never saw a thing are else, right he says , I said whatever , and I drove home. As the whole thing picked at me to the point that I was losing sleep, and I was just not able to let it go. I had to tell someone what these two were really like.Well about two weeks later I had a chance to inform Mike Grey, and I did. Then due to me and my family renting Tylerís rental house I had to ask Mike to keep it quiet until I could move my family else were.


Then I had a chance to tell James Palmer, James was a all around great guy , and a foreman for B.A. Blacktop , and James is married to Christy Telfer, Robs daughter,Well I informed James and I had to ask him not to say anything until I could move my family . Then I told the paving foreman Al, and I asked the same of him. Al said why are you telling us if you donít want to report it , I said my families safety comes first , and I thought you three foreman should know hew to be watching since items have been disappearing a lot lately . I am not saying all of it is them , just keep a eye open .


Well it was about 15 Ė 20 minutes later when Rob and associates arrived at the job site. Rob brought Denny a new comer to the company, and Denny was hired as a Supervisor, and as well to arrive was Robs daughter Christy Telfer, and Christy was second in command in regards to being Martens Asphalt , and B.A. Blacktops Safety Officer. Christy immediately approached the window of my van, and gave me an Incident Report Form, and Christy asked me to fill it out in as much detail as you can, and she said, tell us everything that just happened to you in your own words.


So that is exactly what I did , and once the form was completed I gave the Incident Form to Christy . Then she proceeded to walk over to Rob. Christy began to go over my Incident Report Form with Mike Grey, Rob Telfer, and Denny. Then minutes later Rob approached my van and told me to go home that I was suspended for one week without pay, and he said the reason was for fighting at work. I guess I was suffering from some form of traumatic shock, because I was the one who was attacked from behind, and I could not even stop any of spearing let alone lift a finger in my defence from Tylerís attack, and now I was being punished for being a victim of some ones anger and poor decisions.


I must have been in shock from the attack, due to the simple fact I was the victim, and now I was being further victimized by being punished for something I had no control over. I was at work to work. I was doing my job. It was not like I wanted this to happen. I was by no means doing any wrong, how should I be held accountable in any way of doing anything wrong is what I was thinking , but this being in shock I could not even try to argue in my defence, I just did as Rob requested and I went home.


While I was driving from Chilliwack to Abbotsford It was at approximately the half way home mark when I started feeling very poorly. I was starting to feel nauseous ,week , and dizzy, and as the pain from the attack started to increase I could not help but think to myself if I was even going to make it home, are if I was going to black out. I started to wonder why out of all the first aid people and safety officers that attended the job site today ,why not one of them even asked me if I was okay, and not one checked me for any injuries. I was starting to feel like I was going to black out, and I was feeling real weak at this point, and then when I arrived at home I never said a word to anyone , I just walked passed everyone and went straight to my room , and I laid down.


That is all I could think about was sleeping . I just felt I would feel better after I got some rest . Then on May 22 2011 my spouse woke me up concerned in regards to my breathing , Val said she was getting scared about my injuries ,and said I was sounding worse . She asked me to go to the hospital and I refused . I just wanted to sleep.


Val just would not give up, and I knew the only way I would get more sleep was to do as Val wanted . We first went to the Langley hospital , and after five hours and still not being seen by a doctor we felt it be best to go to another hospital as I was really having a hard time breathing and the Langley Hospital was just to understaffed and two over crowded to see me. So we proceeded to the Abbotsford hospital. I was rushed in immediately as they saw I was having difficulty breathing.


The doctor who looked me over, and was in charge of all the tests that they had to do told me I suffered from bruising around my heart and lung areas and also I had torn tendons, nerves ,muscles , and as well he felt I had possible fractured ribs. And then he said , due to your injuries you cant take a large enough breath , and we could not get a proper x-ray of your ribs , but he felt that the chances were pretty good that I did have fractured ribs.


I was giving a shot of morphine and muscle relaxers , as well he gave me a bottle of morphine and one bottle of muscle relaxer pills .The doctor then gave me a prescription for more Morphineís and Muscle relaxers . He said I was to go home and get a lot of rest , and that injuries such as mine take time to heal. Then my spouse took me home and i went back to bed to rest. On May 24 2011 at 11am Mike Grey called me , and asked for me to come into the office at 1:30pm for a meeting .


I replied, I would do my best and that I would try to be there. Well as luck has it , do to being on painkillers, muscle relaxers , and my injuries I soon realized I was in no shape to drive from Abbotsford to Chilliwack and back safely . I phoned my spouse Val to see if she could bring me to the appointment , but she was unavailable to take me due to being at a appointment already herself . I then asked if she could call the office , and notify them that I was unable to make their meeting in my condition, and I asked Val to see if I could rebook the meeting for the next day .


Val did call the office and spoke to a secretary on my behalf , and Val asked if Rob was there, But Rob was not in, So Val told her about my condition , and asked her if Rob could reschedule the meeting until tomorrow , and if so he could call Val are me with what worked best for him . The secretary said to Val that she would let Rob know. Things could have worked out better for everyone if I had been notified a little bit earlier , but two and a half hours notice just was not enough time. Then on may 25 2011 I received a text message from the new Supervisor Denny.


Dennyís text message said, Were sorry you had to bring your personal life to work ,and that Martenís Asphalt was no further in need of my services. I realized at this point something was up with my Employer I just never new what. I started thinking about how I was the one who was attacked, and while I was being hit over and over I recalled Tyler yelling Jay Sawatski said you were talking shit about me, I hate you Steve, I am not scared of you Tyler yelled . As he continued with this vicious attack on me, and using a Spade Shovel as a weapon the whole time. When Tyler said Jay said you were talking shit about me I did glance over at Jay, and Jay was watching Tyler hitting me, then Jay just turned his head the other way.


I would like to believe he turned his head in shame , and that this was not what Jay intended to do , Jay was just trying to do fit in with the trouble makers . I as well remember thinking to myself , why is no one stopping this, I could not lift a finger to defend myself, and it was then that I knew I was not going to get any help from anyone else , so I tried to stop some of the spearing to my stomach ,and this is when I first tried to block some of the shots ,but I was not very successful as I donít think I stopped a one.


All I could do was to try and yell back at Tyler in hopes of stopping some of the of hits , and it did not stop the hitting but it did slow down the amount of hits .


Then after the fifth are sixth hit , the foreman Mike Grey heard the commotion, and Mike ran over separating Tyler from me , and Mike kept Tyler back from me. At the time Mike heard the noise until Mike separated Tyler away from me , Tyler only speared me once, and he was still holding his weapon as Mike pushed him back .


To this day I donít know what Jay told Tyler ,but I feel that nothing me and my family have ever done to anyone are anything , deserved to be attacked and injured to the extent I was. to the point that Tyler felt he needed to unleash such rage on me. I would like to believe Tyler never meant to harm me to the extent he did, I feel Tylerís anger was unleashed on me for a wrong done to him in his past by someone else, and Tylerís anger just took over ,and he just lost control, I honestly did not think I was as hurt as badly as I was, and after the first hit from behind all the other hits did not appear to be as hard nor did they appear to have had the same effect as the one from behind ,and then the shock started to wear off , and I started to feel my injuries.


I lead myself into believing I was just getting old and I guess with age I must be feeling the pain a whole lot more as compared to my younger years. Then everything just seemed to worsen on my way home as the shock started to wear off. Then after all of that , I was fired for being a victim ,and if that was not enough , on May 27-2011 I found I woke up to only having a few Morphine pills left ,and as well muscle relaxers.


I phoned the Abbotsford Welfare office only to be denied help, I explained what happened to me and I told them about how bad I was injured , and that I really needed my prescriptions filled ,and I said that is all I was after. The intake worker talked to her supervisor who said that I had to do all of their paper work first then , bring in all other kinds of papers that I was unable to do because of my injuries .They never cared one bit , and refused to help .


So I thought the next best thing to do was to talk to a Social worker that new me , and I knew Val had talked with Heather , and that Val told her what happened to me at work. Heather MacDonald is a Social Worker , and she works for the Xyolhemeyth Ministry in Chilliwack . So I called Heathers office and asked for her, and I talked to Heather I told her all about being denied by the Abbotsford Welfare office.


Heather replied , well thatís probably because I had you two Red Flagged, I will call the Abbotsford Welfare office and have it removed, give me about a half hour ,and then give them a call. They should help you then, and if not then give me a call back , and I will be more than glade to do it for you. So I did as Heather asked, I waited about forty minutes and then I called the Abbotsford Welfare office back.


They still refused to do a thing to help me get my prescriptions filled, so I immediately called Heather back, and I was put threw to her messages. Well I know how busy it gets for her as she did get a lot dumped on her by her Supervisors . I was trying to be patient, and so I gave a hour before I called her back at first. I left Heather a message telling her that they still refused to help, and could she please call me back. I then waited about a hour and I called Heather again, and again I left her a message.


I waited about a half hour and I called Heather again. I left her another message, and since it was getting close to the end of the day, I phoned Sherry Epp, who is Heather's supervisor, and I was put threw to her messages. I was not trying to cause any trouble for Heather are anyone else , I was just really starting to worry as there was not much time left , and all Government agencies would be closed. So I left Sherry a message explaining the situation, and if she could please call me back.


It was very near the end of the day, and I called Heathers office once more, and this time I talked to the receptionist, and I asked if Heather are Sherry were still in the office, and she replied that they were in a meeting, and then she put me through to Heathers messages once more. Then before I knew it, it was five oíclock, and I was out of luck. I was out of options . I was really hopping that one of them would have listened to their messages before going home, and I knew it was a long shot , but it was my only hope I had left .


Then as time past , and all hopes were fading away , I could not help but think if she did not wish to help me, all she would have had to do was tell me, and I would have tried other options. It was around 6:00 pm and I was really starting to hurt , and I did not want to be grumpy in front of the kids , are take any frustrations out on them , so I thought I would lay down for awhile as I told myself Heather are Sherry could still call .


Then awhile later I woke up due to my body being in a great deal of pain, and I was gasping for each breath , as each breath was very short and far apart from the next breath . This is when I realized I was in a very bad position , and I had no idea of any kind on what I should do. I was laying on my back, and my forearms were crossed, and my hands were holding my chest. My legs were straight out, and I could not move a single muscle ,I tried to lift myself up, I could not , and then I tried to roll my body, and I couldnít ,I could not do a thing.


I felt like I was going to have some kind of a panic attack, but I found I could not even do that. I then tried to call out to one of my kids to come and give me a hand getting up. I tried over and over, but I could not even make a sound. All I could do was roll my eyes around , and do my best to breathe a little bit of air in ,as I told myself even a little bit at a time is better than no air at all. I tried to look for something that might help me out , but I could only move my eyes .


I thought to myself , if I could just knock something over the kids would hear it, but I could not move a muscle. I found myself drifting in and out of conscientious. I started to think this is it, I am going to die right here in bed and no one will know until tomorrow when they try to get me up.


Then I thought to myself ,if someone does try to wake me , well that someone would be our kids, I told myself there is no way I am going to let our kids find me like that , I just had to find a solution and fast. I could see the kids walk by my bedroom as they went to the washroom, and I could not make a sound. I knew they just left me alone because they new daddy was hurt and needed rest. I was starting to go back in time dreaming about my life. I realized then that I was really in a lot of trouble , and something had to change course fast are this could be my end .


I soon realized that I the only one who could do anything to help this situation, and I had to find a solution fast. I remember thinking like never before ,my brain was thinking of a hundred ideas at once .I would fall asleep then wake instantly in fear . Then a idea came to me , and that wasí, that when I laid down I had my cell phone in my right hand , so it cant be to far away . So I began rolling my eyes around the best I could try to find it. I thought to myself were where my hands when I laid down, and then I answered myself , my hands were by my waist , so my cell has to be in that area.


Well I saw it, but I could not move to grab it , and I knew this was a must , there were no other options. I had to grab my phone , but how. All I could think was that there was no way I was going to let our kids find me dead in the morning. Then it took everything I had left in me , and I started to move my right arm to move. I could feel things inside tearing and ripping, and it really hurt, but it was a little less pain then when I tried to breathe. I could not lift my arm , but it was sliding down my bed sheet.


All I could think of was yes , ya I am doing it , I kept trying to convince myself that everything would be alright now . Then finally I reached my cell phone and I proceeded to bring it to my face.


I was doing it, yes, yes I thought, everything will be fine . Then I flipped it open , and then I found yet another barrier , I could not read a word. Everything was blurred. I thought to myself, even at a time like this there has to be another wall to climb over. Then it came to me, Valís name is short, If I look for a short blur then chances are good it has to be her. I knew it was my only chance, I started sending blank text messages knowing this was a bad gamble but I was all I could think of .


After about the sixth blank text , I heard my phone ring, I flipped it open to answered it and I could hear Val chewing me out for messing around, I could feel that there was still hope, I had to respond fast are she would just hang up, I could not say a word so I brought the phone close to my mouth in hopes that Val could hear me gasping for air, I forced in another breath and the pain was unbearable but well worth it. I heard Val screaming Iím coming honey just breath, Iím coming baby, breathe.


I knew help was on the way, and all I had to do was just to stay focust on breathing . I could hear Val screaming breath honey and eventually I just drifted off. Val did find me no longer breathing, and called 911.The Abbotsford Fire Department were the first ones on scene. I relive this over and over day after day, and night after night , and I find I just shut down when I do. Then other times I just feel to scared to sleep in fear of not waking up ever again .


The biggest fear is that my family will need me and I wont be there for them .I cant let them down , and I just lay awake for endless hours as I wait now for Val to wake before I can sleep so she can watch out for me . I donít know what scares me the most , but I do know I never recall any dreams ever .I wake up and for my entire life I have always listened to everyone elseís dreams the next morning , and never a dream could I find, Maybe this is why this dream I had to me was no dream but more of a reality, a reincarnation is my perception of this experience .


For me I guess I was now in a place of what most people call , a out of body experience. And I do relive this so often that I could draw in full detail every second of it . I was dreaming that I was just standing in a place I could not recognize, It appeared to be on a sidewalk by a streetlight, and suddenly a tornado type form came from above , then it comes down all around me . It surrounds me completely , but never touches me. It was brilliant in color , but does not hurt your eyes .


 It was like a hundred different shades of yellow, but just like a tornado in style , I tried to touch it and as my hands touched it , my hands turned these shades of yellow ,and my hands just past threw it just like touching a rainbow . I looked up and I saw what looked like a nice bright clear Prairie blue sky. I was thinking to myself , what the hell is going on here , what kind of game is being played on me .


I looked down and I saw a body laying there, then it hit me, I was the one laying there, So in a frenzy panic manor I tried to grab myself but I could not, my hands just past right through. I tried pressing my hands into it in hopes of stopping myself from going up higher and further away from my body. There was no way I was going to let this happen, I tried desperately to stop whatever was going on, and I found there was nothing I could do, and as I looked up, I felt like my body was ejected out of the top just like a volcano ,but I was being spit right out of this yellow tornado, and suddenly I landed , and the impact was hard enough to put me to my hands and knees .


As I lifted my head I realized that I landed on very well cared for grass , and this grass was a very large field. I looked around and found that I was in a park. I stood up and this is when I noticed my feet were tiny, I looked at my hands and they were small to. I was wearing shorts, I thought what the hell is going on. There were kids laughing and playing everywhere.


Parents were sitting on  blankets all over the place. I looked all around and I did not know one person anywhere , Then I heard someone calling ,,come and eat its lunch time. This one couple appeared to be staring at me. They just kept hollering come and eat now, you can play more after you eat, I was thinking who are these people, were am I, what the hell is going on, I was feeling a bit scared ,and I could feel the scare getting greater , and then suddenly a bunch of kids grab me and they started to pull me in the direction of this one couple.


I thought to myself that this couple must be my new parents, I was very nervous as this for me was my first introduction to these people , then I saw a large bucket of Chubby chicken, I instantly felt my stomach and it was very hungry. I put all other thoughts aside and I ran towards the food, I think the name they were calling out to me was Jonny. As I reached for a piece of chicken, I woke to one large painful gasp of air.


There was a mask on my face, and a Firefighter had his palms crossed slamming them into my chest as he screamed breath buddy come on breath, I looked around and I saw Val, and then I saw our kids. They were in a shock, they did not even look like they were breathing, they just stared at me, they were frozen. I knew they needed to be hugged, and they needed to be held, they all needed to be reassured everything was all right.


And I could not do anything. I really needed to hold them to, but everything was out of my hands. Then I recall being woken up by a ambulance attendant, and once again I had a mask on my face, and his palms were crossed as he proceeded to slam them into my chest as he hollered breath come on breath. Then I woke up in the Abbotsford Hospital, I saw Val, my oldest daughter (Jessica),and her husband Taylor, and my oldest son Dustin.


Val said, itís about time you woke up, you have been asleep for over 8 hours. It felt more like a few minutes. Everyone did their best to appear to be fine, and in good spirit. But I could see their stains on their faces from dried tears. The doctor came over and asked how I felt, He started doing tests on me to see what kind of responses I had. He held up fingers asking how many I saw, He used a instrument to cover each eye, then my ears, and then he began poking me all over with a pointy object. I then was given a needle for the pain and to relax me.


Later I was dressed and placed in a wheelchair. The doctor told me that what happened was that my body just completely shut down do to being in too much pain. He then showed us pictures of my injuries. He pointed out that there was bruising around my heart and lungs, then he showed us pictures of my torn tenants, nerves, and muscles. He said he was pretty certain I had fractured ribs but once again it was hard to tell as I could not take a big enough breath in order for the x-rays to show them clearly.


He said he felt I was stable enough to go home, and then he said you might want to get used to that wheelchair, at this point itís hard to tell if you will walk again. Then I was told that Val heard my last breath just before the Sumas Exit, We lived at the north end of Clearbrook road, and by the time Val called 911,and by the time the Firefighters got me to breath, I had been without air for just over ten minutes, The human brain starts dying after three minutes without air. Then I kind of understood why I was being put through so many tests.


The doctor was trying to figure out how much damage my brain suffered. I knew I had a issue with my legs, I really had to concentrate to even make them move. I as well noticed I struggled a lot with finding words, and with my speech. I would try to say something and it sounded like I was completely sloshed, She asked me what happened , and I told her. I said basically I trusted Heather with my life and in return.


I and my family paid dearly for it. I told her everything that had happened, and how Heather never did as she said, and with Heather knowing my condition, and not to even try and call me back to see if I got my prescriptions filled, I said to the social worker, I thought that a social workers job was to help people not harm them, I then said , I have half
a mind to sew them for being so neglectful .


Well the Abbotsford Hospital Social Worker said she would check into what I said, and then she helped me out by filling my prescriptions that I was in need of several hours earlier . I thanked Abbotsfords Hospital Social Worker , and I did appreciate her help. Well it was not long after that , when life as my family new it to be, was going to worsen even more . I thought that Social Workers were all caring and liked to help families and that even the worst kind of person has some good inside ,


I instead have learned how ruthless , and unlawful they are willing to be , and to intentionally disrespect our countryís Laws , and to knowingly destroy a innocent family so heartlessly , and with no remorse of any kind . Well to be like this just to try and hide some poor decisions are mistakes , So to this day they have had me charged for things that never happened, They did their best to convince Val to turn on me, and guided her to doing things that Val has never even thought of doing before , and if Val never then they did it without Vals knowing are fully understanding what the consequences would be.


For Val , she was in a traumatized state of mind, and she just wanted to be left alone, she just could not deal with anything no matter what it was. I understood the best I could given the circumstances, as I knew Val was reliving her past as she at the age of seven had found her mother deceased, just as she found me.


I told myself I have to try and be patient, and things would work out. I just never counted on so much anger, revenge, hurt, and suffering ,and how it was caused by not Val, but by her friends and Heather and Sherry. Me and Val have had are differences, but our love for one another was stronger than even we understood. Val is starting to see a lot of the wrongs done not just to me but to our entire family.


I try to let her find out as slowly as possible, because I do see that it is still too much for her are anyone to believe and to stay calm enough to do the right thing in trying to correct the wrongs and for us all to be a family once again. Itís clear that Heather and Sherry have done a lot of wrongs to our entire family, and itís clear they have no intentions of correcting any of there wrongs ,are helping us, no re admitting that they made a mistake .


This Ministry has gone way out of their way to destroy our family, and even farther out of their way to cover their tracks . To this day I have been allowed to see our two youngest children once for less than one hour. The truth is slowly coming out and being seen, but our family is the only ones suffering as well ,and not to mention further traumatized by this wrong. Now that Val and I are living together Val has been punished for following her heart and being with me.


Now Val is getting the slanderous lies and accusations thrown at her by Heather and Sherry. I see Val hurting as she calls Heather and Sherry daily trying to see our kids. I wake each day only to see the women I love cry do to a empty home, every day we wake hoping to hear the sound of our children weather their laughing are crying it really does not matter, all that matters is for us to be a family once again.


It does not matter that all of the Xyolhemeylh organization is run and operated by slanderous, racist, and by lies. I can even try to accept how they got our kids to give false statements against me, and then spend one thousand dollars per child on toys and clothes just days after. It does not matter that they told me it was all Valís doing as far as my not seeing the kids, and my being charged with child abuse when it was all the Xyolhemeylh workers doing It .


It just does not matter that Heather even said she hated her ex, and how she never got even with him , and that I reminded her of him, and now I feel she is unleashing her anger for him on me. i as well have been told that another person Val trusted and enough to call her mom,made Val do things against me are she would kick her out, well Val was hurt, she was traumatized by my dying, and that I abandoned her ,and left her all alone ,


Val needed to be left alone for awhile so she could try to work out some of her past. I donít believe she was fully knowing what was really going on, nor the wrongs being done to me, and how everyone was saying it was Val doing it to me. Val had all kinds of girls that I was sleeping with them, and why , I donít know , I never even met a one of them ,To this day I have no idea why these girls would do such a thing ,and I donít understand why Val believed them over me. Even told Val to bring these girls , and put them in front of me ,then have them say I slept with them , but it took 7 months for the first girl to be in front of me ,and Val asked her ,and she said , no that's not the guy .


So I looked at Val , and I said , seven months of being acused , I tyried to tell you .It did not make a difference as I was still being accused by 6 other girls .Well I took it all, I did hope a long time ago that Val would believe me and not the lies being told to her, but I just could not prove what I said to be true. To the day I do leave this earth I donít think I will ever
understand how so many people could intentionally lie just to see others suffer from their actions. I had one friend from Langley come for a visit after not seeing him for over twenty years. He had heard threw the grape vine some of the low blows I was receiving.


I have known him for fourty years and all though I refused his help of three miles of bikes in ten minutes ,He was still very concerned for my safety .I told him its easy to run from trouble , but look at me , I cant run. I tried to explain my out look on life, and how I made a promise once to a very wonderful lady, this promise was to always try to help those in need , but make sure you help out women the most.


Well I always keep this promise I made to my mom , and with the loss of everything already , Really I had nothing left to lose . I told him I gave away a million once before, and then I reminded him of my up bringing , and how my parents never had two cents ever to their name .


That I was okay with being poor ,and that I told the kids before all of this mess, that daddy will always be there for them . I told my old friend I am not leaving ,and if I die again out of all of this , that I know someone will bring me back just to watch me suffer this life as I know it today. Val would intentionally tell me things she new would hurt me the most , and she new I would respond in anger ,but she as well new I only used words , and I would never harm her physically , and when I did respond , Val would record it and then use it against me .


I new this was going on , but it was my only defence , and that I new I loved her , and that if harming me helped her to feel better about herself , then I will just let things be , and bring on the harm . I knew sooner are later Val would start questioning things , I just wish it was a lot sooner .Well as Val started to see on her own the things being intentionally done to me , she started to speak in my defence , and sadly it only got her evicted from her friend, the lady she trusted and called mom , now was turning on her . Gloria just had to be in full control of Val , and she held our kids over Vals head as leverage in a do are die manor .


Then when Gloria kicked Val out knowing fully Val was still sick , and that Val had no were to go , and then to phone Heather and falsely say things to cause Val not to see the kids . Well this was Valís wake up call to how I was being treated. The bad part though was Val once more was shutting herself down as the people she was calling her new family , had turned on her. Then Val got even sicker from the hurt.


We were both homeless , and for me I was still using a Cain to stay mobile, and I still was limited to my helping us towards being a family once again. It hurt me to see the one I love suffer this way , Knowing fully Valís love for me was now punishing her . Recently the newest false accusation from Xyolhemeylh finest , is that I am stalking our kids school and foster homes. I pled guilty to the child abuse charges, but only because I as a child had to go to family court for my parents.


It was terrifying, I was not sure what to say, I loved both parents and I froze in front of everyone, I just could not hurt either parent, and I just froze, I had to be carried out by my mom and the help of a sheriff, and my father went to prison, my mom cried as she yelled at me, why didnít you say anything, now your dads in jail, what are we going to do, how are we going to eat.


To this day it affected me as I will never know just how much my freezing up damaged my parents. and no matter what I am accused of I could and would never put my kids threw a court trial, and have it haunt them as it did me, and I hope this issue with our family is corrected soon because this wrong is only adding to our familyís traumatic destruction , this not to mention how much  more our family is being traumatically victimized by this , and then there is the loss of time this past year with our children , and nothing could ever give it back .


This time was wrongfully taken away , and its gone forever . and I feel that for this to continue is without out a doubt is completely insane. And then for Xyolhemeylh to say things like They did not half to answer to anyone , and then to say That the white mans Laws are for the white man not the native people. I am starting to believe this is true ,and to me it tells me that this Native Ministry is no different than Martens Asphalt .


They should not even be in Canada if they donít wish to respect our Laws and its people. When I was able to walk around with the help of a four legged Cain ,Me and Val went to Martens Asphalts office and we met with the head supervisor (Rob Telfer)and another supervisor Denny, I asked Rob why they did this to me, Rob refused to answer until Val left the
room, I knew this was wrong of me, but I had to ask Val to leave, I needed a answer as to why the company I thought of as my second family abandoned me and my family .


When Rob answered his answer was one little word , Liability, He said Martens Asphalt did not want to be held liable for damages. I said my family is gone, Everything we worked so hard for many years to have is gone, I said I was okay with being paid my wage until I was able to return back to work , and not one person cared . I got up and as I fumbled my way to the door , Denny got up very promptly to assist me .


I knew Denny was just doing what he was told to, and Rob he just watched. Well I never cared much about Liability, and now one year later Liability means even less. I canít help but wonder does this one little word called , liability mean the same to a man who has nothing left, as it does to a man who has his all. For me no sum can replace the time lost forever with our
children. I donít believe anything on this earth could even come close in any kind of way for the wrongs we have traumatized by this past year. As it stands at this point, once again I listen to Valís calls to Heather and Sherry, and once again after 3 tries just in one day, Val was ignored ,and still has not had a return call.


The Xyolhemeylh Ministryís Social Workers and our Government need to have a Law put in place , and this Law is that assuming ,hearsay ,slander , he says Ė she says , are not in any way to be grounds for a childís removal from his are her home , Habious Corpus must be a must .( Habious Corpus ) The vality of detention is to be determined by way of Habious Corpus and must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt ,and if confinement is unlawful and if it is unlawful. Then to be released immediately .


Then if any kind of false information has been honored by the Ministry , Then the Ministry is to do everything in its power to
correct the mishap ,and firstly by the return of child are children to their residence ,and if the losses are greater and are proven to be so , then this must be worked out in a more than fair agreement always leaning to the person are persons in question .Then I feel that upgrading is a must at least once a year, and not to accede greater than a quarter of the fiscal year , and no less than two weeks a year .


Then maybe when a Judge says I can see my Children, then maybe they will respect the Laws decision and do so . So now it is May 13 2012 , and due to Martens Asphalts choice to have all employees that were there the day of May 20 2011 are all with intent to mislead a police investigation thus causing bodily harm, and to all involved aiding and abiding a crime , Now known to be Criminals . Then due to Martens Asphalts choice to hide this very serious crime ,and do to their choice to mislead a Criminal police investigation.


The RCMP Investigating officer has no proof ,and I believe CNST .Pierre Boivin gave his all , and I understand its one against 250,000 plus employees . Eurovia is the main owner of this company and they are from France. So now for a word called , Liability , Tyler has never been charged , and he got away with murder , and Martens Asphalt has never done a thing to help our family, My Union (The Operating Union Of Engineers )local 115,has only given excuses as to do nothing but suspend me indefinitely for being behind in my Union dues ,( How can you pay if you have no income).even after Everrett Cummings said he would take care of it, this even after they said that they would take care of my dues, and then never.


This Union was started by the employers to protect employers not employees. Eurovia is a company based out of France, they buy up small companies worldwide to get their feet into these countries. They as well are fully aware of this entire cover up, and have never taken any kind of action to help our family, and now are harbouring Criminal acts.


Then there is Xyolhemeyelh , Everyone knows that they have a quota to fill every year, and I can see it does not matter how unlawful , and unjust that they are willing to do anything in order to achieve their quota .Then there is WCB who changes the truth to suit their needs, and of course has done nothing to help our family. And once again they work for the Employer , not the Employee. Ever since I was injured on May 20 2011 my family has pleaded to all kinds of organizations for help only to be past off.


My son Dustin on May 30 2011 took charge of our situation and he started looking for help, My son Dustin tried Victim Services in Abbotsford who gave him Chilliwackís Victim Services, Abbotsford saying it happened in Chilliwack so it is Chilliwackís problem, and Chilliwack saying you live in Abbotsford so it is up to them to help. He was given Mental Healthís
number, then Community Services in Abbotsford, Then Chilliwackís Community Services, Then the MLAs Number in Chilliwack, Then Abbotsfordís MLAs number, Then he was given our Federal Governments number, Ombudsman , Ombudswoman.


Then he tried the Abbotsford Welfare office, and then to the Abbotsford Salvation Army, who helped with some food, but that was all they were able to do, and in time he was past to a Advocate from Community Services, and we could not get around to do their paper work , and my son informed everyone of this issue , and no one cared .My son tried very hard for weeks until he was starting to have a break down, and this is when I started to make phone calls in hopes of finding help.


Then I discovered just how hard it is as I experienced 11 trips to the Abbotsford welfare office and I only got excuses and no help, I started with my Union who only had excuses ,as I was passed around from everyone Wright up to the President of the
Union, I tried WCB only to be denied, I Took a gamble and thought if I could drive my Van to Victim Services in Abbotsford then maybe they would help if they saw my condition ,I somehow made it there ,and I talked to the staff , and just minutes later I was surrounded by Police and a Ambulance was called and I was taken to the Abbotsford Hospital as they felt in my condition I best belonged in the Hospital.


 So I avoided there help. It took a few months but I started receiving Medical EI, You see they did their own investigation , and the letter said , that their investigation found evidence to the point that they did believe a incident did take place at work and awarded me 3 months medical EI, It was the first bit of help we had seen in 3 months,


The sad part was we had already lost most everything my family ever had, and since I could not find a Doctor to take me as a permanent patient I could not get any help with any Disability forms, and the doctors that treated me in the Abbotsford Hospital refused to fill out anything even after I explained the fix I was in. All they could say was that it was not their job. I do understand that they did attend University for many years ,and it was not to learn how to write , but when it has to do of this kind of nature , itís only a few minutes in opposed to a family being at a complete loss of their all .


Now as I am forcing myself to write this, I can feel my inners tightening, and my mind just canít stay focused on one subject, I just wish that one person in our Government that gets paid to help families in cases such as ours would have helped instead of passing us to someone else and so on , and so on. There was one lady from Chilliwackís Crown Council I felt that was kind of like a Guardian Angel as she did see some truth to my wrongs ,and though it was not her job , I know in my heart she was there for me when I needed help .


I would like to thank you as your help was very much appreciated. I watched it destroy my wife, our 5 youngest children, my oldest son Dustin was crushed, and I could  see it was destroying him to the point he was going to have a breakdown ,and then one day he asked if he could move out .I was the proudest dad ever ,Dustin gave his all ,and for that I am proud to have a son as great as him.


And I let him move out even though he was all I had left ,and now I was truly alone . I tried to have my debts consolidated at a firm on Clearbrook road called Debt Consolidators in hopes of fixing that issue at least .I met a very admiral lady there ,I honestly believed that there was no good left in our world ,until I meet her ,I have to say this for her . Sinika Was trying to do for me all of the things that my son and I had no luck with, and her heart was in the right place, and her intentions were for the best. The day I met Sinika I found myself standing on a overpass.


I was gazing into traffic thinking to myself , what reason do I have not to , I just could not find a one , I really had nothing left , and I had no reason are purpose anymore .I honestly was at my wits end . I just could not take anymore of anything. Then I realized that I would be doing to someone what had been done to me . I could not bring myself to do that to another person , and with my head down I left for home , and this is when I saw the Debt Consolidations sign , and this is when I met a lady that truly had a heart of gold .


At first I tried to tell her everyone would just pass you off to another , and you will find in time that you end up right where you started .Sinika was much like me ,and I know she spent a lot of time going to bat for me. Then I noticed after awhile a noticeable change in her , and I knew it was now taking a toll on her . It was to hard on her , and I had to convince her that I was okay and everything is going to be fine. I asked her to not worry about me , and that all was just fine .


I just left her a lone because someone as wonderful as she was did not need this mess causing her family added stress. It was not long after my Medical E.I. came to a end , and this is when I ended up living in a cave type hole in the side of a hill near the end of Clearbrook road. Then as the cold winter set in I just could not do it anymore. My Union gave me a cheque for around $900.00 so I used the money to buy a small pick up truck in hopes of turning my life around .


Well the Indo Canadian lied about its condition ,and I made one trip to Chilliwack in hopes of at least seeing the woman I loved and as well in hopes of seeing our children .Well the truck made it to Chilliwack and the Tranny died do to being full of sawdust ,and it ended up in the bone yard ,and I was afoot once more .I do fully understand that everyone has a procedure , and policies that they must follow ,but now all hope of ever seeing Justice of any kind to those that have done our family wrong, well its gone , May 20 2011 was the beginning of our destruction , and May 20 2012 will be a full year , and every person that helped hide the truth , well in my eyes they are truly Canadaís top Criminals known as The Dirty .


I lost a lot of faith in the people of Canada, and yes it is hard to swallow such things as the Crimes done and hidden by people that we are raised to believe we can trust are lives with. The way I see it a very serious crime causing bodily harm, death, and then to hide it, and force all employees to lie by saying they never saw a thing, and then to intentionally mislead a police investigation. Then to just watch a innocent family be destroyed , Either large companies do not have to live by are Laws, are its just there is no one left anymore who cares about a innocent families lives.


Well I would like to personally like to thank Martens Asphalt ,WCB , Xyolhemeylh Ministry ,The Operating Union Of Engineers local 115 and , Eurovia , you all hide a crime that destroyed a innocent family , and left them traumatized for life , You really are Canadaís top criminals known as The Dirty . Well does the word Liability mean the same to a man who has lost his all , as to a man who has lost nothing , and still has his all ? I would like to thank all of those that have tried to help our family.


We The Heintz Family are grateful for your time , and efforts towards rejoining our family.To this day due to a companies choice to lie and deny this attack for the reason of liability , my wife and I are soon to be homeless once again,We suffer ,and our children suffer. Is this what Canada is in support of. European companies disrespecting our Laws and our Queens people.I was just contacted by WCAT who says that WCB does not , and will not help in any way. So is it right that a innocent family should continue to suffer for others mistakes that all involved find it easyier to lie than to just do what is best for a family and help rather than to do as they have been doing for over one year. I doubt very much that we will find a witness, but for our children I will try.



Thank You , The Heintz Family