Friday, June 22, 2012


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Freshet Update

Chilliwack's not out of the woods yet 

Released by Starlee Renton, City of Chilliwack and the BC Government


Saturday Update:


he berm at Carey Point was breached west of the orchard slough check dam, at 6 pm Friday evening. Water levels within the berm have equalized with the river overnight

Residents in three homes in this area received an evacuation order Thursday afternoon and residents in 39 homes outside the protected area remain on evacuation alert.

Security was deployed overnight to prevent the public from accessing Carey Point. Security will remain in place until further notice. Please avoid this area and the riverside in general. The bank is very unstable and a high risk to public safety.

City gauges along the Fraser River are all rising. The Fraser River was forecast to peak at 6.5m on Friday, but only reached 6.28m. Today it is forecast to reach 6.6m, but water levels are currently 6.34 and are leveling.

Water levels will drop slightly mid next week, then rise again next weekend based on headwater rain forecast.

With the current forecast, there is no concern that water will overtop the dyke system.


See current road closures below.


Friday Update:


he current Hope flow is 11,900 m3/s and expected to be stable for the rest of today. Water levels at Mission gauge expected to rise to 6.48 today, 6.6 Saturday and 6.7 Sunday-Monday.

Water levels will drop slightly mid next week, then rise again next weekend based on headwater rain forecast.


The City commenced 24 hour dyke patrols this morning and will continue into the weekend.

Three homes in the Carey Point area remain on evacuation order while the remaining 39 homes are on evacuation alert.

The City is delivering sand and sandbags on request to homes outside the dyke. Volunteer sandbaggers are still deployed.

With the current forecast, there is no concern that water will overtop the dyke system.

Crews on dyke patrol are reporting that people continue to access the river bank area to take photos and are much too close to high water flows. This activity is a serious safety risk and is also interfering with flood protection work. Please avoid the riverside and the dyke areas.

Full road closures

  • Old Orchard Road

  • Ballam Rd. east of Mcdonald Rd. and west of McSween Rd.

  • Local traffic only road closures remain in effect at McSween Rd. north of Ballam Rd.

  • Ballam Rd.between Mc Sween Rd. and McDonald Rd.

  • Ballam Rd. east of Kitchen including Jess

  • Carey Rd. at Jesperson


Partial road Closures

  • Young Rd. down to one lane near Tower Rd.

Editors Note:

MLA Gwen O'Mahony told the Voice in an e-mail on Friday that her office has extended their assistance to help with sandbagging to the farmers of Carey Point through Will Davis and to Grand Chief Joe Hall for the first nations communities affected




The following is a release from the BC Government on Friday June 22, 2012


inister of Justice and Attorney General Shirley Bond released the following statement on emergency preparedness to deal with current flood conditions facing several regions of B.C.


“Our government is supporting local authorities and First Nations by marshalling necessary resources to respond to flood emergencies wherever they may occur in B.C.


“We have 1,000 Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources (FLRNO) firefighters on standby to sandbag, deploy erosion control devices and assist local governments and their residents in areas affected by flooding.


“There are 9.5 kilometres of gabion baskets (retaining walls) available with 3.3 kilometres already deployed to Prince George. There are approximately two million sandbags available in the provincial stockpile with 800,000 bags deployed to local communities in the past month.


“The Fraser Health Authority is identifying home care clients in unprotected areas needing additional support, and we are monitoring and assessing institutions like the Burnaby Youth Custody Centre and Forensic Hospital that may require additional support during a flood event.


 “Our Ministry of Agriculture Emergency Operations Centre in Abbotsford has been fully activated and is supporting farmers in planning for livestock evacuations where necessary.


“Canadian Forces in Edmonton, Esquimalt and Vancouver are on a continuous standing alert should they be needed.


“I have asked Emergency Management B.C. officials to work with local governments and affected residents to help assess appropriate compensation for flood damage through the Disaster Financial Assistance Program as expediently as possible.


“The public can always find more information at”



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