Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fire Dept News

Sprinklers Save

Kitchen fire extinguished and contained to stove area

Released by Chwk Chief Ian Josephson


ity of Chilliwack Fire Department responded to an activated smoke alarm on the fourth floor of a four-story apartment complex at approximately 2AM on Wednesday, June 27, 2012.


Upon arrival, an occupant reported to fire crews that a fire had started in an apartment on the fourth floor.  Fire crews entered the suite and found a pot on the stove fire had activated a sprinkler head.  The sprinkler controlled and extinguished the fire preventing it from extending beyond the stove.  Minor fire and smoke damage was limited to the microwave and an area of the upper cupboards. Fire crews worked to limit water damage.   


Fire crews respond to early morning Bole Ave kitchen fire on Wednesday.


Three occupants living in the suite, 2 adults and a small child, were seen leaving the complex as crews arrived.    No injuries were reported with the exception of one male who inhaled some smoke but was cleared at the scene by BC Ambulance paramedics.  The majority of the residents were back in their units within a couple of hours.


Unattended kitchen fires continue to be one of the leading causes of residential structure fires in Chilliwack and North America.   Residents are reminded to stay in the kitchen when cooking and make sure all appliances are shut-off after use.   


Sprinkler systems continue to prove their worth by limiting fire damage and preventing fire related injuries and deaths.



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