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Think Global, Buy Local

Chilliwack Farmer's Market opens June 23 at Minter's    

Submitted by Geoffrey Dalman, Chilliwack Market Manager


The Farmer's Market last year once again proved to be popular with locals.


he Chilliwack Farmers Market is ready to start the 2012 summer season this Saturday, June 23. Returning to the front parking lot of Minter Country Garden Store at #10015 Young Road North, Chilliwack shoppers can buy the best fresh, local offerings available each week straight from the field, pasture, oven or tree.


Local farm berries and vegetables, along with Okanagan fruit and home baked pies, meats, eggs, cheese and crafts are on display for everybody to enjoy. Ask the growers, bakers and artisans about what type of ingredients and effort goes into your food and then you can make informed choices. From field-to-fork there is no better way to understand and support your local farmers and artisans than coming down to the Chilliwack Farmers Market and buying the delicious produce and goodies.

Have fun with the family and kids as well, last year saw a wonderful game contest viewing and guessing the weight of a monster pumpkin. The lucky winner received a bountiful Thanksgiving feast supplied by the market's vendors and management.


The market manager, Geoffrey Dalman, explained that last year's season was extended because of customer requests and community demand that he was only too happy to respond to.

Geoffrey, has been speaking to the bakers and farmers and says they are all looking forward to seeing their regular customers again and all their fellow vendors.


The Chilliwack Farmers Market will continue to grow and entertain shoppers while also providing everybody with a great meeting place to have fun, buy local food and support local farmers.

The market is always looking for new farmers, bakers and vendors. Interested people are welcome to join the market and can find good information and vendor application at the market's website 



About Chilliwack Farmer's Market

  • The Chilliwack Farmers Market has been growing by 20% year-over-year for the last 3-years.

  • Grower-buyer relationships flourish with sharing of time-proven growing techniques, wisdom and old family recipes.

  • A non-profit society has been established to guide and support the continued growth of the market.

  • BC farmers market produce only travels 1-kilometer for every 8-kilometers an average North American meal travels.

This year's Chilliwack Farmers Market will include a new rest area with benches and tables for those who want to taste their fresh goodies.


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