Sunday, June 10, 2012

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Serial Sinner Snared

Police nab prolific offender after church break-in on a Sunday   

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RCMP arrest a prolific offender suspect with a facial tattoo alleged to have broken into a nearby church Sunday morning.


criminal picked the wrong church to steal from Sunday morning. God and good police work led to the capture of a prolific offender after an early morning break-in at a church in the area of Hodgins Ave. and Mary St.


Sometime after 8 A.M., a Native man in his 30s was alleged to have crawled through a fence and then break into church.


A resident nearby witnessed the crime being committed and alerted police.


An officer first on the scene spotted the serial sinner and a foot chase ensued on Brett Ave. however, the suspect managed to evade capture.


A perimeter was then set up for a few blocks around the scene and a K-9 unit was brought in to track the suspect.


Eventually a gaunt looking, sunken-cheeked suspect popped up in a back yard adjacent to the hospital, and into the waiting arms of police.


RCMP on scene told the Voice that the suspect was well-known to them, saying the man is one of the city's prolific offenders.


"This is an example of the community working together with the police to get the bad guys," said the Mountie.


By using a tracking dog, police were able to search the area for any items the suspect may have discarded while running.


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