Saturday, June 23, 2012


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A Hop and a Skip From Jail

Suspect leads police on downtown foot chase  

Staff/Voice photos


A suspect extends his arms as Mounties apply handcuffs Saturday.


ust after noon on Saturday, police spotted a suspicious male in his 20's wearing a daypack and riding a bicycle on Nowell St. in the downtown area.


The suspect bolted upon seeing the officers.


The man, who was known to police, headed north with officers in hot pursuit to around Fletcher and Cleveland where he ditched the pack and bicycle.


The suspect took shortcuts, bounding through yards and vaulting fences to where Mounties finally caught up with him at the corner of Victoria Ave and College Drive.


The wannabe Olympian was detained and police backtracked to try and locate the pack that was tossed along the way.


It's unknown if police were successful in locating the mysterious daypack.



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