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Warpath MMA VI gives local fighters a chance to go big in the USA

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Fighters clash at Warpath MMA VI last Friday at Squiala First Nation Community Hall in Chilliwack.

ts fight night in the city. If the sight of battling bodies, bloody noses and sonorous crowds is something you'd rather avoid, then please read no further.

'Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted–one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?' – Eminem

It was like the 8 Mile of Martial Arts. The pace was fast and frantic on Friday for Warpath MMA VI.


It could have been New York, or Chicago, or Philly, or some fight club in LA with pumped crowds, jawing contenders, pretty girls, laser lights and loud music.


But this colourful scene wasn't of some inner city stateside, and these guys aren't saying "I cudda been a somebody".


No, its fight night north of the 49th in Chilliwack, and the brawlers got to lose themselves in it at the Squiala First Nation Community Hall.

An expectant crowd filled the beautiful and spacious new venue for the Mixed Martial Arts event that was put together by local promoters Darwin and Francine Douglas from Revolution Martial Arts.

League ring staging and lights with the big fat sound was delivered by the Fraser Valley's best one-two punch guys in the music business, Calvin Rempel from Jambox, and Jeff Bonner from Tractorgrease studio respectively.

These fighters weren't going to miss their opportunity to blow. A well known trainer from California was ringside to check out the local talent on a card that featured nine fights, including one with the Douglas' young son Darwin "Blood Boy" Jr.

The fighters had panache. One green-haired scrapper rolled out of the corner dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe blasting.

A couple of noses got bloodied, but no one was seriously hurt. These guys get up, dust themselves off and get back to training the next day.

There has been concern that mixed martial arts is a blood sport where people are badly hurt or killed, but safety stats indicate MMA is safer than boxing, because in boxing, the focus is on the head. MMA pugilists wrestle as well. Guys get hurt worse in tussles coming out of a Chilliwack bar at closing time — and that's without refs and doctors on hand.

Having some of the same MMA fighters back to defend or challenge again, knits the local fight community together. Some friends, some foes, but all part of an elite brotherhood of young, tough talented athletes who like to fight and practice their martial arts where it really matters — in the ring.

A beautifully hand carved Native raven mask worth about $3500 was raffled off at intermission.

All in all, it was good old fashioned, entertaining Friday night at the fights.


About Revolution Martial Arts

Matchmaker and event promoter, Darwin Douglas, a professional MMA fighter from Cheam First Nation and owner of Revolution Martial Arts, created WarPath MMA so local martial arts fighters have the opportunity to develop their MMA career and lead healthy and fit lives. Douglas is most excited about Jamie Siraj, young hopeful who attends Sardis Secondary taking on Johnny Banford from CV Boxing from Comox Valley, BC.

Local fighters train under Revolution Martial Arts coaches, including Harley Chappell, head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach, Darwin Douglas, Muay Thai Kickboxing coach, Sean O’Halloran, MMA coach, Americo Pena, Wrestling coach, and, Mike Docett, Boxing coach.

WarPath MMA V is hosted in association with the Chilliwack Huskers and is sponsored by Tractor Grease Productions, PR Steel, Nations Construction and Consultation, B&D Excavating, Elite Nutrition, Jackson’s Steak and Grill House, G&R Electric, Vedder River Inn, Kokopelli’s Fruit and Produce, K&L Contracting, Drako Fight Gear, Optimum Sports and Performance, and, Pioneer Build all.

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