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The Moose is Loose

Mighty Moose Ice Cream mascot brightens up Yarrow Central

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right and early Saturday morning, as people began to gravitate to the Yarrow Days festival, Mighty Moose Ice Cream owners Lance Martens, and Josh Kraubner, rolled out their brand new moose mascot. It was created by world famous Dan Sawatzky, owner of Imagination Corporation and creator of the Giggle Ridge at Cultus Lake.

The amicable-looking moose with it's palmated antlers and triple scoop cone on top, stands about 15' tall and features a sign on it's hump with the words "Mighty Moose Ice Cream".

According to Martens, it only took about a month to build once they commissioned Sawatzky.

"It's perfect. I love it. It's the best thing I could hope for," gushed Martens.

The roadside attraction, which shares the location with Inspired Arts and Gifts Inc. at 42333 Yarrow Central, was too new to have had any local feedback on it yet, but judging by the odd honk and thumbs up from passing cars, it was going over well in the community.

"The first hour, a lot of pointing and smiling, that's what we've got so far," Kraubner.

Their popular waffle cones use ice cream from Birchwood Dairy.

Inspired Gifts has an amazing selection of artwork from talented artists both locally and province wide. "Be inspired by the selection of pottery, jewellery, wood, metal and glass creations. Gift Baskets for all occasions are our specialty filled with local gourmet foods and body care products for you to choose from."

Inspired Gifts store hours: Tuesday Saturday 10am 5:30pm. Check for extended summer hours or e-mail here for more information. Both stores are located at 42333 Yarrow Central, Yarrow, BC 604-490-8555

Mighty Moose Ice Cream store hours are Saturday thru Monday from 12 noon to 8 P.M

Yarrow doesn't have a town mascot, but both Martens and Kraubner are hoping that maybe it'll be a moose.


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