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Thrill of the Grill

1st Annual Prostrate Cancer BBQ fundraiser

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n Wednesday, if you wanted to grill a city councilor, you would have been under the smoke-filled canopies at Little Mountain Greenhouses with councilors Jason Lum, Chuck Stam who along with Cultus Park Board Director Owen Skonberg and Kelly Johnson from the Sutton Group were serving it up hot off the barbecue.


The statistics are brutal. One-in-seven men will be diagnosed with prostrate cancer in Canada. This devastating “below-the-belt” cancer is one that men often ignore and tend to put off because there’s a certain degree of embarrassment associated with getting checked.


According to media reports, the odds of men contracting the disease are even greater than they are for breast cancer victims.


The Chilliwack community has been stellar with its support for prostrate cancer fundraisers with other events such as the Ride to Live in May, the 1st Annual Father’s Day Walk For Prostrate last weekend and Grilling For A Cause Wednesday at Little Mountain Greenhouses.


These fundraisers have a lot to do with awareness and circulating the information into the community.


Greenhouse employee, Meghan Mucha, worked hard for five months planning the event and cranked up the heat through May and June as the event approached.


“I’m really happy with the turnout,” she told the Voice. "Hopefully, we'll raise a lot of money for cancer research."


"It's a wonderful sunny day and a nice kick-off to summer, and we're just happy for every donation that comes our way for the Canadian Cancer Society. Kudos to Little Mountain Greenhouses for putting this on, it's a great event," said Stam.


Lum quipped  that during the Movember fundraiser, which requires guys to grow a moustache for the month of November, his was particularly pathetic and embarrassing.


“But with something like this, when you contribute a little bit, its way better than having to grow a moustche,” said Lum laughing.


“I think events like this help to raise awareness and hopefully that's what we're doing,” he said of the fundraiser.


"All the donations go toward Prostrate Cancer, thanks to Megan, she gave us a call and we're more than willing to help out here and thanks to Fraser Valley Meats too," said Skonberg.


Fraser Valley Meats were the main sponsors, generously providing fresh and tender steak and chicken morsels including delicious pulled pork sandwiches. For desert, people meandered about the greenhouses looking at the vast selection of plants and flowers.



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