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Connecting with the Rocket

Former Canuck Pavel Bure inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame

Staff/Voice photo


Pavel Bure's elite 60x60 club that only players who scored sixty goals in the NHL could join. They were in great company.



hy not retire Pavel Bure's jersey? When he played with the Vancouver Canucks  he was the most exciting player ever to play the game. Win or lose, just to see the man skate was awesome.


Of course getting Bure was Pat Quinn's most brilliant move. Many think he cheated the system in order to do it, but nonetheless headlines were huge.


Ironically, that's when Bure's problems with the Canucks started. He wasn't used to the big Irish thug's mentality and that led to problems on the bench.


Russian or not, didn't matter. In his day, Pavel was more Canadian than he was Russian. He hung out at dinner clubs like Century in Yaletown. Had a nice condo in the West End. He splashed the cash around town and was known to be generous with the kids, dishing out autographed jerseys by the truckload.


Bure played with explosive power never seen before, or since. You knew it would be his back or knee that took him out, and it eventually was the knee that plagued him the most with the Canucks which ended his career in Florida.


Linden's curse was having the "C" slapped on his jersey at such a young age. The onus of being the team rep distracted the young Linden from his playing and got him off his game. After that, Linden became the most overrated player in the history of the Canucks. He's a great diplomat for the player's union, but just play hockey.


Linden was a good player. Bure was a great player.


Bure was more exciting to watch than Gretzky. The Gretz laid back in his office and played predictably. Bure attacked and threw himself at the other net. Remember the skate-to-stick stuff? Remember the '94 run to the cup? Unbelievable.


When Mark Messier was captain for a period, before and rumors swirled about the Moose being gay, Bure wanted gone.


But that all should have nothing to do with the price of tea in China.


Linden eventually had his jersey retired. So why not retire No. 10?


Media reports say Bure and Linden were never tight in the dressing room, never mind hanging out together after the game at Dick on Dicks. Bure will always will be the offensive Canuck king.


As one of the business cards I typeset for Bure indicates, he owned the 60 goal club twice.


Just some trivia:  In business card shown in the photo, I sketched the hockey player onto paper with a felt pen, scanned it in, cleaned it up, photoshopped some effects, set it 4-up and out it went for silver emboss on black caddy paper. The hockey player was taken from a photo of Cliff Ronning. The way Cliffy skated kind of hunched over. I gave Bure a choice with another with his leg out, the way he used to skate, and he liked the Ronning image better.


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