June 8, 2010

UFV Pays Homage To Volunteer Society

Yarrow Ratepayers to receive prestigious Betty Urquart Award

Craig Hill/Voice



Corie and Graham Robinson are happiest when volunteering for the community. Craig Hill photos.


Yarrow Ratepayers Association members have won the UFV Betty Urquart Award for volunteerism. It was all in a day's work for "Yarrow Day" organizers, Corie Robinson and her husband Graham, who were at Community Park Saturday morning busily setting up booths and prepping for the big crowds that were on the way to watch the annual parade and take in the two-day festival.


The small Ratepayers society packs a big punch when it comes to helping their beloved community. The group consists of about ten or eleven core volunteers who put on events like Yarrow Days, the town plant sale and host dinners twice a year at their Community Hall.

Volunteering goes thankless much of the time, but this year people took notice of the group and UFV has dedicated the Betty Urquhart Community Service Award to them for their hard work and devotion.


The BUCS Award was inspired by UFV employee Betty Urquart who worked tirelessly for many years bridging gaps between the community and the educational institution. The award is generally given to a group or individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to the community in the University region.


The Robinsons, married for almost forty-years, have spent the last nine of them in Yarrow and Graham told the Voice that the group's fundraising successes are largely dependent upon each other and the benevolence of the community.


"Last year we raised $2300 from the plant sale alone. We had donations. People dropped off stuff in our driveway," he said.


When not volunteering, Corie works in her Clay Monster pottery studio that she says got it's name when she would emerge from the studio covered in clay from head to toe and her husband would say, 'Here comes the clay monster."


The award Convocation ceremony will take place at 9:30am on Thursday, June 10, at UFV.

For more information regarding the award go here and to visit Corie Robinson's pottery studio online see www.claymonster.ca