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Chilliwack Love-In

Spontaneous Acts of Human Kindness  Craig Hill/Voice



o you Love Chilliwack enough to participate in Spontaeous Acts of Human Kindness (SAHK)?


Churches around Chilliwack sponsor a yearly event and the                                                                                                                                  Voice photo.  

latest love-in was on         Vineyard Church member Wanda Evans brightened  people's

Saturday.                          day with a flower giveaway at Salish Park Saturday.


Groups of volunteers meet at their churches, form crews then head out to bless residents with good deeds. The Voice caught up with The Vineyard Church at AD Rundle School on Hocking.


Some of the love-in participants handed bottled water out to drivers at red lights, others gave away hot dogs and still others handed out flowers at Salish Park.


There are other things that Love Chilliwack participants do which aren't evident like cleaning toilets.


Vineyard Church member Ron Paul has been a resident of Chilliwack for the last 15-years and works as a hotel and restaurant supply distributor and plays guitar for the church.


Paul said participants in Love Chilliwack do things like car washes, mowing lawns water and hotdog giveaways.


Vineyard Community Church Ron Paul gave out hot dogs Saturday. Voice photo


"They want to show the community a practical way of being kind to each other and loving each other so it's not a religious event, it's just about kindness," he said. "We give away a card saying we want to show practical ways to helping each other and how God loves his community.

Organizer Tanya Karramen says the drivers are shocked to see them run out to cars at red lights with water.


"We have teams on either side of the intersection and when the light turns red, the daring pop out in traffic and hand a bottle of water to very surprised drivers," she said. "Its just lots of fun."


The volunteers may cut the grass or clean the toilets but whatever it was that the church community did for three-hours on Saturday it was from the heart.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Voice photo

                                                        Recipient of a Spontaneous Act of Human Kindness.


It's not necessary to belong to a church to make someone's day with a SAHK or participate in Love Chilliwack day.

For more information on how to connect with one of the churches in Chilliwack visit

To find out more about Vineyard Community Church visit their website: 


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Vineyard Church member Tom Paul sports a "Poverty Sucks, Play Guitar" tee in the photos above and below.

Vineyard church organizer Tanya Karramen and her son in the photo above.

A happy recipient stops to let the Voice snap one in the photo above.

Vineyard Church member Wanda Evans brightened people's day at Salish Park with with flowers Saturday.