Monday June 14, 2010


Liberal MLAs Under Fire From Tweeters

Liberal MLAs starting to jump a sinking ship

Submitted June 12 by the BC NDP Party

his morning's breaking news that Blair Lekstrom -the Minister of Energy and Mines - has resigned from Cabinet and the BC Liberal Caucus over the HST, is a perfect opportunity to increase the pressure on other vulnerable Liberal MLAs.

Back in late April we asked you to take a moment and use twitter to push a vulnerable BC Liberal MLA to stand up to the HST and vote against the legislation to bring in this new tax. If only seven Liberal MLAs change their minds, this odious tax will no longer have the majority support of the government.

Although our pressure was not enough to succeed then, BC Liberal MLAs have started jumping off this sinking ship. And it is no wonder. More British Columbians have signed the initiative petition against the HST than voted for the BC Liberals in the last election. With Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom saying that he has changed his mind and is now against the HST, this governments policy is beginning to unravel.

And, don't forget that Gordon Campbell is down but he is not out. Last night, more than 1500 people paid $350 to attend a fundraiser where they listened to him defend his government and the HST. All told that means he raised about half a million dollars for the BC Liberal party in one night.

It is not too late to Stop the HST.

This weekend, we'll be upping the pressure on seven vulnerable BC Liberal MLAs. We need your help, so please take one or all of these actions:

1. You can tweet a vulnerable BC Liberal MLA here.

2. You can phone a vulnerable BC Liberal MLA here.

3. And, if you haven't already, you can sign our online pledge against the HST here.

To match Gordon Campbell's big money backers, we also need you to make a tax deductible donation to the BC NDP. We aren't a big money party like the BC Liberals, but working together we can match their financial resources.

Please act quickly and make a tax deductible donation of $212, $112 or $12 - whatever you can afford - to our campaign to Stop the HST. Your donations are tax deductible up to 75%.

Finally, if you haven't yet signed the Vander Zalm initiative petition, please make arrangements to sign it this weekend. You can find signing locations at

We are on the cusp of winning this battle - please take action against the HST this weekend - we have just 19 days left to Stop the HST.

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