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Holding Hands For Planet Earth

Hands Across the Sands increases awareness about offshore oil drilling


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Fraser Riverkeepers joined Hands Across the Sand Saturday on the banks of English Bay.

he biggest oil spill in history is taking place in the Gulf As Mexico as you read this. It has the potential to be a planet killer. Benzene levels are at hazardous levels for 30 feet above the entire surface of the gulf. Throw in Hurricane Alex and you've got a mess of magnanimous proportions.

Hands across the Sands is working to increase awareness about the damage that offshore drilling can have on the planet.

Riverkeepers Director of Outreach and Operations Mary Woodbury said they didn't learn of the event until just prior to it taking place plans will develop over the next year to do it again on a larger scale.

"I believe that while there was a good group there, many more would have gone if we would have had more notice," Woodbury told the Voice in an e-mail.

Hands Across the Sand is a movement made of people of all walks of life and crosses political affiliations. This movement is not about politics; it is about protection of our coastal economies, oceans, marine wildlife, and fishing industry.  Let us share our knowledge, energies and passion for protecting all of the above from the devastating effects of oil drilling.

If you'd like to organize a group to make Hands Across the Sand for Chilliwack contact Mary at: Fraser Riverkeeper, #303-207 West Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1H7 e-mail here. Or visit their website for more information:

The official Hands Across the Sand website is:


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