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Annual plant sale is perennial in nature

Craig Hill/Voice


                                                                                                                            Craig Hill/Voice

Some of the plants on sale at Gwynne Vaughan Park last Saturday at the annual sale.

he sun shone on hundreds of smiling faces last Saturday as the green thumb crowd flocked to the annual Gwynne Vaughan Park plant sale. It is Chilliwack's largest plant sale of the year and cars lined both sides of Hope River Road and flag people directed traffic.

The park, at the corner of Hope River Rd. and Williams Rd., was a veritable beehive of activity with vendors, Strawberry Tea, food, music and of course, plants. Lots of plants. Every size, shape and variety imaginable was available to anyone looking to spruce up the garden. And the prices were very reasonable as always.

Gwynne Vaughan Society President, Anne McIntyre, was working at the society's tent selling bedding plants and having a blast with it.

"It's going very well, we're having such a lovely day," she said. "We get these (bedding) plants from Sardis Senior Secondary and all these perennials we grow in our own gardens and the rest of them are growers from all around the Valley."

                                   Gwynne Vaughan Park Society Pres. Ann McIntyre.


"We get a cut from them and we also charge them a fair amount for their booth," said McIntyre. "The better they do, the better we do."

McIntyre wasn't sure how many people showed up for the sale because they were coming from all directions making it difficult to estimate.

"There are about 8 places that people can come into the park we have no idea how many people are here," she said. "But it seems very crowded so I'm sure it's as good as usual."

Entertainment was provided by a popular local musical duo called "Sweetwater" at the park's pavilion. The Rotary Train was also on site for the day.

Earlier this year, the Society received a grant from the Chilliwack Foundation to help pay for a new gateway type of entrance to the park, and McIntyre says things are progressing.

"When I got the money from the Foundation, I told them that it would be finished at the end of May, but the city's Parks Dept. has been very busy this spring." she said.

"It's going to be great. All the drawings are out, the proposals are out and the best thing about it is, there used to be a big brick Post Office in Chilliwack, right downtown in the middle of Wellington and the city saved the granite steps from there and they're going to be incorporated into the opening at Gwynne Vaughan Park," she said.

McIntyre is out year-round braving all kinds of weather in the park year-round. It's more difficult in the colder weather like at their annual holly sale but it would take a lot to keep her out of the park.

"The weather is always terrible that time of year," she said with a laugh. "It's always snowing and raining then."

The park has an organic community garden with about 20 highly-sought-after plots that come available now and then. To find out more about how to become involved in the community garden call 604-795-7566.

The Society has a new website and McIntyre updates the site frequently (take that you young computer geniuses!) She says the site has has all the information that anyone would need to know.

"It has the history of the park on there, stuff about the plant sale, board members and it has the history of Gywnne Vaughan." said McIntyre. "It's Chilliwack's most beautiful and most unique park."

The website also has information regarding booking the pavilion for weddings and picnics.

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Photo Gallery from the plant sale




Gwynne Vaughan Park Society President, Ann McIntyre (above.)


The Rotary Train is at many events around Chilliwack.



Community gardens at the park.







Golden Pallet Club had their paintings on display.


Wow, Look ma, no hands!


Local band, "Sweetwater" played at the pavilion.









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