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Fun and Fitness For Funds

Yarrow Fun Run raises cash for youth centre

Craig Hill/Voice 


                                                                                                                        Craig Hill/Voice

Yarrow Fitness Fun Run for the Teen Challenge Centre last Saturday.

ast Saturday, Yarrow Fitness Inc., hosted a Fun Run and Hanne Loewen told the Voice in an e-mail that they managed to raise $200 for the Teen Challenge Centre in Yarrow.

The enthusiastic group of runners were the first ones out to celebrate Yarrow Day June 4 and began the run with some warm-up exercises.

The Teen Challenge Chilliwack Men's Centre is the oldest of all the centres in BC and is located in the tiny hamlet of Yarrow on 1.9 acres of beautiful farmland. The centre works with young men who have drug and alcohol addiction problems and can accommodate up to twenty clients at any one time.

The youth community service agency originated fifty-years ago on the mean streets of New York City and has since branched off into many divisions throughout North America.

According to the group's website, they "recognize that addiction can take numerous forms, and is not just limited to drug and alcohol abuse. The program is residential-based, and is usually completed in 12 to 18 months. With over 600 locations in 82 countries, including 12 locations across Canada, BC Teen Challenge is affiliated with Global Teen Challenge."

Teen Challenge accepts cash donations to enable them to continue their good work in the community and they also accept cars as part of their "Give A Car" initiative.

If you are interested in helping out this much-needed organization visit their website:

To donate a car call 1-877-5-GIVEACAR

For fun workouts at Yarrow Fitness Inc., drop in to their office at 42375 Yarrow Central Rd. or call Hanne at: 604-823-7200

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