Saturday June 26, 2010

Street Views

Foot and Feather Go Together

Walk on the wide side through downtown has happy ending

Craig Hill/Voice


 Valley Voice photos


A mother goose walked her youngster from Spadina and Main to Salish Park oblivious to traffic. The Voice followed them on their daring journey. See their entire trip below.

The journey began at Spadina and Main Street in the photo above. In the photo below they stepped out into traffic. Note the cars waiting patiently under a green light. After taking the snaps, I couldn't just leave them there to fend off traffic alone so I walked along with them to ensure they arrived safely.



With little one in tow, they crossed two lanes.



They walked across the grass for a moment at the Museum. This was my fault! So onward we went.


Block two and another safe crossing.



Now it's down the homestretch with the park in sight in the photo above.


Digging in to cross four lanes.

Finally, safe at home. A mother's work is never done.

Thanks for looking.