Thursday June 24, 2010

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The Happy Philosophers

Three Women's Journeys




ou may have seen their smiling faces on local SHAW TV or perhaps on Global TV Morning news with Lynn Collier but Julie Houlker, Michelle Rickaby and Glenda Standeven have good reason to be smiling. All three women are cancer survivors. They are also co-authors of the book, 'Choosing to Smile' which chronicles their life stories before, during and after their respective cancer diagnoses.  'Choosing to Smile' is rapidly becoming a local best seller but these dynamic ladies have international aspirations.

These three determined BC women have started a world-wide movement for people who have faced any type of adversity and who are "Choosing to Smile." Standeven says laughter and a positive attitude have helped them deal with not just cancer but all of life's many challenges. "When you've lost a leg to bone cancer and your last name is Stand Even you really find a sense of humour in a hurry."

Rickaby, a 22 year Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor and confirmed optimist, is determined to let other cancer patients know that there are people who survive the disease. "It's so important to get the message out there" she states emphatically.

While Houlker, a 14 year breast cancer survivor currently recovering from chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer and sporting a jaunty hat to cover her chemo- bald head, has her own long term goals, "I want to be the world's longest survivor of metastatic breast cancer."

The women agree that it's perfectly okay to get angry or shed some tears when things go wrong but at the end of the day there's a choice to be made. "After we've allowed ourselves some time to cry and be angry if we need to be then we can choose to smile and be grateful. The alternative is to continue living in a state of resentment and fear. We figured out which of those two choices made us happy and decided to share our life experiences with others." says Glenda Standeven. "People face adversities every day. If we're unhappy, we make changes if we can. For us, it starts by choosing to smile.'

Their book is available online and in a variety of locations listed on the Choosing to Smile website. Join the "Choosing to Smile" movement on Facebook where you can listen to their uplifting theme song and share your choosing to smile moments. You can also drop by Chapters Bookstore on Broadway in Vancouver on July 10th to meet the ladies in person and pick up an autographed copy of their inspirational book, 'Choosing to Smile'.

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