Friday July 2, 2010

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Students participated recently in a WES WorldHost Fundamentals Program through the CLCS.


The Learning Is Easy This Summer

CLCS offers courses for adult "summer school"

Submitted by Michael Berger



n the 1970s, Alice Cooper sang "School's     Out" and while that may be true for most school-aged children, school is going strong for adults in Chilliwack.


 Human Resources and Skills Development  Canada (HRSDC) has identified nine essential skills for success in the workplace. They range from Reading, Numeracy and Using Documents, to using Computers, Thinking Skills, Oral Communications, and Working with Others. The Chilliwack Learning Community Society (CLCS) is offering more courses that address at least one of these skills.

Michael Berger, Workplace Essential Skills coordinator for the CLCS, stated that "The courses we've offered to date this year have been very popular. Nearly 200 people in Chilliwack have completed one or more of our courses. For the third quarter of this year, we're offering some of our most requested courses again."


Berger added "We are pleased to offer two different courses on Conflict Resolution, a course on Effective Presentation Skills, a Money Skills course focusing on budgeting and the smart use of credit, a problem solving course, and the internationally recognized WorldHost Fundamentals course. We've again secured top notch instructors - professionals in their field - that make the learning enjoyable while ensuring that it's useful too. In fact, participant feedback has repeatedly stated how much fun participants had and how much they learned that they can apply immediately."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CLCS Michael Berger and Debbie Denault


"The business community of Chilliwack has been very supportive of our activities. Whether it's businesses such as IMW, Envision Financial, or Stream, or it's organizations such as Sto:lo Nation, the Downtown BIA, or Community Futures donating meeting rooms, we've been fortunate to secure wonderful spaces to hold our classes. They see the value in the courses not just to their own employees, but to all working people in Chilliwack. As well, organizations such as the Downtown BIA, CEPCO, Tourism Chilliwack and the Chamber of Commerce continue to help promote the courses. This truly is a collaborative effort."


To date, the courses have been offered at no cost to employers or employees. Berger remarked "We'd love to offer the courses for free forever, but our funding just doesn't allow for it. Starting later this fall, we will be introducing fees to help offset the cost of the course. We recognize that a number of participants aren't able to afford a large fee, so we're looking at other ways to supplement our course costs - whether it's business sponsorship of a course, a fundraiser, or donations from the public. We're willing to look at all avenues to continue offering these top quality classes."


Berger is looking for employees (and employers) who wish to take part in the training. Classes are scheduled to begin as early as July 12 and continue throughout the summer. If you wish to take advantage of these free training courses, or would like more information, please contact Michael at 604-792-0025 x2434 or e-mail here.


Registration forms are available on the Chilliwack Learning website and at the information desk of the Chilliwack Library.


For more information call the Chilliwack Learning Community Society at: 604-792-0025 or visit their website at



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