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Circus Gatti: Entertaining families

for more than 50-years


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A behind-the-scenes look at Gatti Circus prior to the shows. In this photo the rings and props are being setup.


Get ready for the smell of cotton candy and squeals of laughter to flood your senses as Circus Gatti puts on four-shows tonight and tomorrow at Heritage Park .


The Gatti travelling circus has been entertaining families for the last five-decades and features an array of talented performers and their K9 pals that run through a bevy of crowd-pleasing routines.


This circus doesn't have elephants or        Circus staff whips up cotton candy prior to the

                                  show Thursday.


lions due to BC's laws but that doesn't matter because the trained dogs are the best in the business and sure to put smiles on kids' faces.


After WWII, US Army Major (ret.) Matthew J. Gatti travelled around the US and Europe producing shows for enlisted men and women and in 1963 he founded the American Continental Circus and the Canadian International Circus which later became Circus Gatti.


As a child, Gatti was raised in a Christian orphanage during the Great Depression and later in life became known for his generosity and philanthropic nature by helping underprivileged children and donating his time and show tickets to charities, hospitals and even to penitentiaries.


There is an evening show tonight at 7:30 pm and two more again tomorrow at 4:15 and 7:30 pm. So if you ever want to see a three-ring circus show, or were considering running away to join one, now's the time. For more information visit their website:                                                                                    

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 June 4th 2010

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