Business News                                                                                           Sunday June 6, 2010

BIA Makes Offer Biz Cant Refuse

Façade grants help business owners beautify 



Who says you can't have beauty in business? The BIA want to spiff it up a bit more downtown and in a bid to provide incentive for local business owners who want to add more charm and character, they are offering up a new pilot funding program.


On Friday, the Association announced their Façade Improvement Grant Program is now available on a first-come, first-serve basis to local business. The cost-sharing stimulus plan will pay for half of the bill up to a maximum of $2000.


Here's the deal.


If a business owner has plans to upgrade their business storefront by December of this year, and are in the BIA's precinct, then they can qualify for the grant money provided the City of Chilliwack's design guidelines are met in their improvement plan.


With the funding in place, the BIA hopes business will step forward with plans to do some cosmetic work and assist them in the beautification of the downtown core.


Alvin Bartel, Chairman of the BIA Urban Design and Greening committee said in a press release that “We are excited to be able to assist business owners to improve their façades with signage, lighting and new canopies all in an effort to add character and revitalization to the downtown shopping area.”


The BIA came up with the program in response to member concerns and as part of the Official Community Plan which focuses on a safe, clean, green and friendly downtown for shoppers and merchants.


Kathy Funk, Executive Director of the BIA also said in the same release that “I am pleased that the Urban Design committee is focusing on this improvement project as it is important to our merchant’s that we continue to support their efforts in attracting customers to their stores.”


To find out if your business falls within the BIA's designated downtown area, and how to qualify for the grant contact the BIA at: 604-792-4576 or visit their website:


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