Sunday July 16, 2017

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Vertical Farm Reaches New Heights

Abbotsford growers get permit for expansion

Nick Brusatore/Facebook photos


"Ventana" and "Camino Real" 200 Junebear strawberry plants. Below, Vertical Designs CEO Nick Brusatore and CEO Timothy Kendrick of BW Global Greenhouses.


ertical Designs LTD a privately held company is pleased to announce they have achieved a new construction milestone with the Abbotsford vertical growing farm. The cement slab was successfully poured setting the foundation to begin greenhouse fabrication.


In order to complete the cement slab, various proprietary designs and configurations were developed and finalized with Affinor to maximize the vertical growing technology, setting the footprint for future commercial facilities. The project is on track to complete the greenhouse this fall.

To date, Vertical Designs Ltd. has received a permit to build, poured cement footings and slab, engineered environmental systems and finalized equipment configurations.

They has secured distribution of all products with Discovery Organics as well as, signed an "On-Farm Test Agreement" with Affinor and a large strawberry producer from California to supply all seedlings and starting plants for initial growing, applied for organic certification and secured label branding rights and trademarks for their EcoSpirit products label.

Vertical Designs plans to continue to buy agriculture land and additional licence agreements from Affinor Growers Inc. to build operations as needed to service the aggressive growth plans in the years coming.

Affinor Growers is a 10% share holder of VDL BC Ltd that owns the license and Abbotsford Vertical Farm and is pleased to see the progress of the vertical commercial farm.

For more information, visit their Facebook page here.

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