Monday July 10, 2017 



Finding History

Soldier's items located from decades ago

Mark Lewis, FV Treasure Hunters


Mark Lewis ( l to r ) picks up third place for a Brass Button off a Soldiers Over Coat, Jamie Ovens placed first with a 1910 Canadian Silver 10 piece, turned black by the salt water and Dennis Augustynowicz for a beautiful Royal Canadian Regiment Cap Badge.


e had a great meeting this past Tuesday. It was a good turnout. There weren't too many entrants for Hunter of the Month, but that's okay, we had quality. Congratulations to all. Keep up the good work. The next hunt is Sunday July 16th.


Metal Detector Etiquette

Since our Treasure Chest has been cancelled we should support our American  cousins.

Summer is here and in full swing. With the heat and lack of rain, we have to be selective about where we hunt. Please stay off any short grass.

Nothing you do will help it if Mr. & Mrs. John Q Public see you hunting, and then they see brown grass, you will get the blame. Not to mention, it could cause problems for us all down the road. So please keep your hunting to less public places; long grass, under mature trees, beaches, farmers fields.

Don't worry, when we start getting a regular rain fall the "targets" will still be there.


Watch a YouTube clip here.


For more information about the club and their next meeting, visit here.






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