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Oh Canada

Chilliwack puts its own stamp on July 1st celebrations

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Red and white crowds applauded performers throughout the day. Below, Korean-style drummers called "The Hurricanes".


eople find all kinds of ways to commemorate July 1. In Chiliwack, an estimated eight thousand folks drifted over to Townsend Park for annual celebrations and watched locals put on performances which they'd practiced for all year.


There was plenty do and keep the kid's noses off their phones and occupied for the day including: spray parks and  swimming over at Prospera Centre, facepainting and more.


Later in the afternoon, folks had a chance to see fitness demonstrations, dancing, drumming, check out crafts and chow down at a myriad of food supplied by interesting mobile caterers.


Gary Abbott performs his popular hoop dancing that began with Arizona's Hopi First Nation.


The day included  highly-anticipated unveiling of  "150 Mural Mosaic Project" a ceramic-tiled collage of iconic symbols painted by local kids that will be eventually be mounted at Prospera Centre.


The day was capped off with fireworks the City had budgeted for.




But the festivities wouldn't be complete without thanks going out to volunteers who wanted to be part of putting it all together.


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