Monday July 31, 2017 

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Let's Go Halfers

Residents tap grant program

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Third Avenue Park is going to be getting a facelift with help from the City's grant program.


f it seems like Chilliwack City Hall is spinning and bouncing in the wind, then you're right.


On Tuesday, council is putting their rubber stamp on a citizen-led project to boost the play factor at the namesakes Third Ave Park.


Their plan is to leave the existing swings and playhouse at the niche park intact and add a new play structure with bouncing and spinning activity items.  


The total cost for the park upgrade is $8000. So residents got together and raised $4000 and the City matched it.


In 2015, in order to provide incentive for residents to come up with ways that enhance areas where they live, the City set up matching grant system named “Grassroots Grant Program.”


In 2016 a subsidiary of the program was created called “Neighbourhood Engagement” strategies where the City splits project costs to a maximum or $4000.


Sometime down the road, the Third Avenue Park park plan includes an area with benches where parents and guardians can see their kids, a garbage bin, and another access point. A laneway that runs adjacent to the park could be used to give kids a safer alternative route instead of having them walking and riding bicycles on the street.


For more information, visit the City's website here.


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