Sunday July 23, 2017 



In Lockstep

A big file on a small desk

John Labelle, coordinator, Veterans Annuity Campaign


he Committee wishes to advise you that we have received a voice mail with a following phone call from Mr. Gary Walbourne, DND Ombudsman office on July 11, 2017. Mr. Walbourne stated that our file was on his desk and that he is personally taking an interest on our file. He will provide a reply when possible.

We hope that you are enjoying a nice summer with your family. When available we will provide a reply to the DND Ombudsmanís review.


The Committee wishes to say thank you for visiting our Calais branch Legion 162. Our Patron leader, Mr. Peter Stoffer and our Committee are requesting that you review our enclosed campaign paper pertaining to Military/RCMP Veterans CPP Benefit pension claw back at age 65 or sooner if Disable.

Veterans believe that the reduction of their CPP benefits affects the welfare of our Veterans and their Families in their Golden years and it will affect Canadaís serving personnel in the future. To be more specific, Veterans believe that their enrolment contract has been broken with out their participation.

Regretfully the Veterans Ombudsman refuses to review our issue stating that the issue does not fall into his mandate. You are requested to review and advise on the merit of our CPP pension claw back issue.


For more information, contact John Labelle via e-mail here.


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